Best Educational Games

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What better way to teach than to use games!

No matter what type learned you have in your homeschool, they will enjoy some hands-on learning with games. In fact, they may not even realize how much they’re learning as they play the games.

I often assign games for homework. Older siblings play with younger siblings and it can help cement the concepts we are learning in our school time.

I’ve created a giant list of some of the best educational games to add to your homeschool!



Clumsy Thief


Check the Fridge

Zeus on the Loose

Ocean Raiders

Cat Crimes


Even Steven’s Odd

Snap It Up

Trekking National Parks

Sum Swamp

Prime Climb

Sums in Space

Proof! Mental Math Magic

Mountain Raiders

Scrambled States

Quiddler Jr.

Science Ninjas Valence

Timeline Challenge

Money Bags

Alphabet Island

Tiny Polka Dot

Alphabet Slap Jack

Time Telling from eeboo

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