Why You Should Have a Morning Time in Your Homeschool

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Only in the last school year have we added morning time to our daily routine.

Now I regret not making morning time a priority sooner.

Morning time has been such a wonderful time of learning together, and no, it’s not all about the academics.

Morning time is more about building character and fostering relationships.

My older kids are learning to be gracious and kind with the younger learners. They step in and help teach, answer questions, and encourage during our group school time. It’s such a wonderful way to help them develop qualities of servanthood and humility.

And let’s be honest, nothing tests your patience like the trillion interruptions from the baby, preschooler, or little learners during our morning school time. Nothing is more frustrating than when they get completely off topic or when they become disruptive. We have had many lessons in patience during our morning time.

And on the flip side, my little learners are learning to be diligent, persevere, and be attentive. They love being included in our time even if some of the concepts are challenging.

We also work on being courteous – taking turns talking and listening while being respectful of everyone’s thoughts and ideas (no matter if the preschooler turns our history discussion into an analysis of mermaids and princesses).

Morning time has also deepened our family relationships and strengthened sibling bonds. My kids look forward to piling on the couch or curling up on the floor together as we enjoy wonderful books and stories.

Our discussions time together has opened our eyes to the personalities and deeper thoughts of each other. It’s helped us all grow a better understanding of each family member and their opinions and feelings.

Yes, we still have many sibling squabbles and arguments during this time. Many times we’ve had to stop our morning time and focus solely on the disagreements. But it’s taught my kids conflict resolution skills as we work through problems together. They are now better equipped to help resolve other disagreements throughout the day.

Do we get some academic subjects covered during our morning time? Absolutely. Combining in history, geography, Bible, and science has streamlined our day. Having a morning time is a wonderful time-saving tool in our homeschool.

Morning time has become more about the relationships and character of my kids. The academics is an added bonus but it takes a backseat to the more important values of honoring each other and enjoying time together as a family.

If you haven’t added a morning time to your homeschool, I highly recommend it.

You’ll need to start small, begin slowly, plan for interruptions, and be patient when it doesn’t go as planned.

However, over time, you’ll see relationships being built within your family as your kids learn alongside each other – helping, encouraging, and challenging one another.

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