3rd Grade Homeschool Curriculum

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I’m teaching 3rd grade for the 4th time. And this year, I’ve revamped my plan to try several new things, because I really need something new in our schedule. I’m changing up our language arts, science, and history. I think we’re going to have a great year with some new curriculum choices.

My 3rd grader is my athletic child who is also the caretaker of the little ones. She’s the favorite of her 3 younger sisters. They always clamor for her attention, and she loves to teach them things.

This past year in 2nd grade, her reading ability has sky rocketed. She’s become confident in her basic math facts. She’s a solid speller. She’s ready for more challenges.

I’m hoping our plan will provide her with that challenge she needs, while also giving me a chance to do something completely different in our homeschool.

We now homeschool year-round, so we have a trimester schedule. I wrote out her curriculum choices to coincide with our trimesters.

Here is our plan:




As a group:


As a group:

For group school, she’ll be tagging along with her older siblings as she listens to the books read aloud. She’ll practice copywork as she copies outlines and narrations from the whiteboard.

Some of her school will be done in conjunction with her younger sister who will be in 1st grade. I have found it so helpful to combine kids when I can – especially in subjects like science, history, foreign language, and geography.

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