1st Grade Homeschool Curriculum

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My little 1st grader just completed her K year during which we moved very slowly and even completed some parts of the curriculum twice. She was only on the cusp of being ready for K work.

Throughout the year, she really grew in confidence and maturity. She slowly caught on to concepts in math and reading and developed a thirst for learning. Now, she’s an extremely motivated and determined learner who wants to be challenged and learn new things.

I’ve changed up my 1st grade plans completely from past years. I needed something new and fresh for my 5th time teaching this grade level. We have some new curriculum from different publishers and I think it will be just the thing to infuse some excitement into our homeschool.

My little 1st grader is the tag-a-long to her older siblings. She’s my tiny little blonde pixie who is always fighting for her voice to be heard above the noise of our house. She’s become very independent and determined from a young age – something about trying to keep up with her older siblings. She’s the opposite of Peter Pan – she’s so ready to grow up and be like the bigger kids.

While I don’t want to rush her, I do want her to feel like she’s a part of our school day and that she has curriculum to challenge and interest her. So, I’ve planned out a year where she’ll be doing a few school things with her 3rd grade sister and listening to a lot of selections during our group school time.

We school somewhat year-round with our trimester schedule, so I’ve written out our subjects according to when we’ll study them throughout the year.

Here is 1st grade:




As a group:


As a group:

For the group school, she’s listening in with her older siblings. She’ll do some simple narration and copy work to go along with our readings. But she won’t be required to do much other than listen to stories and color some pictures.

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5 thoughts on “1st Grade Homeschool Curriculum

    1. We are excited about our year! My high school kiddo is using Notgrass for history. We’ve never used Notgrass before but I’m excited to try it out! She’s looking forward to using the new books and reading the literature that goes along with it. I plan to write a review after we’ve used it for a few weeks.

  1. Hey there! I just found your site and am really enjoying it. This (2019-2020) will be my first year homeschooling and I also have a first grader. I have history, geography, science, and health as part of my plan for the year. I was thinking of doing History/Science half the year and Geography/Health half the year. In your experience do you think it would be better to do one at a time for 10 weeks, instead of overlapping? We aren’t planning to year round school, so I’m basing on 40 weeks of school. TIA!

    1. I’m trying a plan like this for our school year. You can search for my Trimester Plan post and it talks about what I’m hoping to do. I think it will work well. My kids have been overwhelmed with the number of subjects we cover each day. So, I’m hoping that this makes our school day less overwhelming and allows us to go deeper into history for one semester and then deeper into science for the next semester. I definitely think breaking up those subjects and doing each one for half the year would work well. My kids are really excited to try our new plan this upcoming year.

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