Summer Reading for My 11-Year-Old Boy

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Summer is the time for some extra delight-directed learning. And that definitely comes into play with our reading lists.

I try to choose lots of exciting and adventurous reads for my kids. I want them to be lost in a land of stories and fantasy.

Now that my 11-year-old son has decided that he loves to read, I can’t keep enough books in the house to satisfy him.

And after looking over this new book list, he’s ready to get started reading!

The Van Gogh Deception

Surrender the Key


The Doublecross: And Other Skills I Learned as a Superspy

Edge of Extinction

The Bicycle Spy

The Tattooed Potato

The GollyWhopper Games

Brainwashed: Crime Travelers Spy School Mystery and International Adventure



The Kidnap Plot

Do you notice a theme? My son will enjoy a summer of sleuthing, spies, crime, and mystery. I think I’ll have to read a few of them as well.

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