Why ESL Online is the Perfect Job for a Homeschool Mom

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I found the most perfect part time job for a homeschooling mom.

I wasn’t really looking for any specific job. Just one day I saw a few posts about teaching ESL online.

And that was the start of my new adventure.


I’ve been teaching ESL online for over a year now. I currently teach for 3 different companies. Crazy? Maybe a little bit. But it’s been so much fun. The hours are incredibly flexible. I never have to leave my house.

I’m paid to sit around in my pj pants and chat with kids around the world. It is perfect!


So, if you’re a homeschool mom, but are looking for a part time job, then teaching online may be perfect for you.

Or maybe you’d love to stay home with your kids, but still need to have a steady income. This might be just the thing!


Let me tell you a little more about what it’s like to teach online.


What do you need to teach online?


  • Fast and stable internet (and it’s best to plug directly into your router with an ethernet cable)
  • A computer (and you’ll usually need to use Chrome as your browser)
  • A great webcam (the internal webcam might be enough for some companies)
  • A headset or earbuds (some companies prefer that yours be wireless or that it has a microphone)
  • A solid color t-shirt
  • An educational or colorful (not overly busy) background

Many companies do require a Bachelor’s degree or higher. And most prefer that you have teaching experience or experience with children. (Yes, homeschool experience absolutely counts).

Some companies also prefer teachers with a TEFL or TESOL certificate. (Helpful hint: You can purchase courses for both of these certificates on Groupon for a fraction of the price. They don’t take long to complete, so you can become certified fairly quickly).

You don’t need to prepare lessons for most companies. They provide the curriculum and you simply guide your students through each lesson.


When can you teach?


With most ESL online jobs, you’ll be teaching students in Asia (usually in China). The peak teaching hours are from 6-9 am EST during the week and weekends from 9 pm EST until 9 am EST.


Some companies are school-based programs which means that you’ll be teaching on a giant screen in their classrooms. Those hours are different and are usually from 9-11:30 pm EST and 2-4 am EST during the week. These companies may not offer any weekend teaching hours since most kids are not in school at that time.


This means that you can teach before your kids wake up or after they are in bed, leaving you plenty of time to homeschool and be present at their various activities.


How often do you have to teach?


This varies by company. Some companies set a minimum number of hours that you must work on a weekly or monthly basis. Other companies have no set minimums.

Many companies allow you to set your schedule day by day, while others prefer you to set your availability for several weeks in advance.

A few companies ask that you have the same set schedule every week for at least a month.


There can be cancellation penalties, depending how close to class time you cancel the class. So, be sure to read any fine print carefully.


You are an independent contractor and you do have a lot of flexibility with your schedule.

With most companies you are on a 6-month or even a 1-year contract.


How much can you make?


Each company has a different pay structure. Most pay a base hourly rate with incentives for showing up on time to each class and getting a 5-star review from parents. Other companies just pay a base rate without an incentive structure.


I’ve found that most people are able to make from $18-$22 per hour.


Teachers with experience are more likely to be given a higher base pay rate from the beginning, although some companies have criteria in place to allow you to earn a raise with new contracts.


What are lessons like?


Most companies have a 25 to 30 minute lesson.


You might be teaching students one-on-one or maybe a small group of up to four students. With other companies you teach to a large class of 15-30 children in a classroom setting.


In later posts I’ll be sharing what a lesson looks like with the different companies that I currently teach for.


I have found that I really enjoy teaching online. I’ve met some really wonderful students across the world and they schedule classes with me every week, so I’ve been able to build relationships with them. It’s so rewarding!

But my favorite part is that the pay is great! So, I have a job that I enjoy and a steady paycheck without ever leaving my little classroom in my house.


If you’d like more information about teaching online you can email me at TeacherLexiESL@gmail.com

You can also check out the 3 companies I work for below:



Orange Talk

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