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Last year, I did a really crazy thing. I mean, super crazy – as if parenting 7 children wasn’t already crazy enough….

I decided I would work from home, because my day is just filled with spare time.


Ok, it’s true that I don’t have much spare time but I do have a few hours here and there. And I found a job that’s just about perfect for a stay-at-home homeschool mom.

I teach ESL online.


I heard from another homeschool mom that she teaches online for VIPKID. I got right on their website and applied.

Then I watched about a million and a half YouTube videos.

And then I scheduled my first mock class interview and wondered what on earth I had gotten myself into. This was scary!

However, after a stressful two weeks of learning about teaching ESL online, preparing for interviews, reading over teaching practices, and setting up a classroom, I was hired!


Yes, I was a VIPKID teacher!


I opened my schedule and waited to get booked with different students.

In week 1 I taught 1 student. In week 2 I taught 3 students. And by week 3, I had at least 6 students.

After that my schedule slowly became booked with students. By the end of my second month teaching with VIPKID, I had a fully booked schedule and lots of little regular students that I taught each week.

And y’all, it was fun!


I hop into class for 25 minutes and teach a lesson that’s already prepared – I just click through the PowerPoint slides and teach the vocabulary words and grammar concepts. Then I end the class, write some feedback to the parent, and I’m done with that class.


Why is this perfect for a stay-at-home homeschool mom?


Well, for one I teach in my PJ pants and don’t have to leave my house or my kids. I actually teach from a corner of my master closet.

And the hours are outside of my regular homeschool hours. If you’re eastern time, then your prime booking hours are from 6 am – 9 am. And from 9 pm – 9 am on Friday night and Saturday night.

So, I can teach in the early mornings, homeschool my kids, and enjoy my evenings with my family.

There aren’t any minimum hours with this company and you set your own schedule week by week. So I simply open the time slots that I will be available to teach and wait for students to book those times.


It has been such a fun journey and I’m so glad that another homeschool mom shared her online ESL experience with me.


I’ll be doing a short series about my ESL experience and sharing how I make it work for me – as well as some tips for you if you’d like to hired.

But if you’d like more information about teaching ESL online, please send me an email at TeacherLexiESL@gmail.com and I’d love to share about my teaching experience.


Be watching for the rest of my posts as I talk more about the opportunity with VIPKID. And I also work for two other ESL companies so I’ll be sharing about them as well!

If you’d like more information about VIPKID or would like to apply, here’s a link to get you started.


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4 thoughts on “Teaching ESL Online

    1. I think there might be a few. I need to do some research. I think QKids might hire people without a degree. It would help if a teacher had a TESOL or TEFL certificate (I bought one off Groupon and completed it within a week).

  1. Oh that’s exciting and a good way to bring in extra money. I stay at home with my children as well and they attend cyber school from home ad its lot of homework everyday, but 5 months ago despite my busy schedule I started teaching English as well. I have adult Korean students and I work a split shift 7:00am-10:30 am M-F and 5:00-8:30 pm from Sunday-Thursday. It works out better for me to teach adults but working with kids sounds like fun. My kids are loud and don’t always stay put and I always feel like they would come in during class and get in front of the camera or yell or something that would get me fired. How do you keep your kids from interrupting you during classes?

    1. ESL is fun, isn’t it? I usually teach while my little ones are still sleeping. But I put up a baby gate so they can’t wander into my room. My older kids are up and can help with the little ones if they are awake and need something. I always have something ready for breakfast and they can get started eating if they’re hungry and waiting on me. So that helps to keep them busy.

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