An Update On Us


I took an unplanned blog break over the course of the past year.


I’m slowly coming back to blogging again, and thought I’d share a few updates on our family.


We had quite a few family things that happened last fall with my extended family. If you’d like to know one of the ways you can pray for us, you can follow this Facebook page and join us in praying for a family member.


I also started working part time from home, teaching ESL online. (More on that in another post)


In the fall, we also learned that we were expecting baby number 7 due on the 4th of July! Exciting! Exhausting! Please send help (preferably in the form of a maid)!


I was actually decorating the Christmas tree with all of my children when I fell asleep sitting up in the chair. That wasn’t normal! That’s when I realized I was several weeks pregnant and was in desperate need of a few naps.


I then spent most of the winter sick with every version of a cold, the flu, and a stomach virus. It was misery!


I tried to keep up with school and all of the extra curricular activities of our kids. They have become avid swimmers and I spend all my weekends officiating swim meets or cheering them on from the bleachers. And I live at the nearby high school natatorium. Seriously. If you need me, please forward all my calls and mail. I’m trapped and can never leave!

Of course, it’s worth it because my kids are all passionate about swimming. We’re basically our own mini swim team with 5 swimmers on that team. Thankfully we have amazing coaches, and my kids have made such sweet friends on the team.


Then the spring brought golf and my kids all decided that golf was their other most favorite thing. So once springtime comes around, I turn into a caddy and golf cart driver. I hang tightly on to the toddler as I fly across fairways looking for lost balls. And yes, I did color code my children’s golf balls in addition to everything else that they own in my house. You think it’s crazy, but I know it’s actually pretty brilliant.

Everyone at our club recognizes us as we load up our two golf carts and set off down the cart path! It’s such a fun family activity. And my 4 oldest kids now play on the Jr. PGA team at our local course. They are improving every day, while I still don’t understand the difference between a sand wedge and a putter. But I certainly have fun!


Summer brought another round of sickness to our family and my kids and my husband were down for the count for most of June. With the baby due July 4th, I was the caretaker and slightly crazy person who tried to survive while disinfecting the house. That was not my plan for our summer. So much for a summer bucket list! I just thought we were all going to kick the bucket.


July 4th was spent with family and then we watched the fireworks from our deck. Still no baby. Can I admit how frustrated I was to still be hot, pregnant, and miserable?


Well, at exactly 1 am I woke up and was in labor. Call the midwives! They made it just in time for little bit’s arrival just before 3 am.

Now we’re trying to catch up on sleep and find our new normal – ohh and begin fall golf. Also, there’s this homeschooling thing that has to fit in somewhere…..


We’ll get it figured out eventually. Actually, probably not. That’s why I need to give myself a lot of grace and chocolate.


So, that’s us.


Hope you’ve all had a wonderful summer and are gearing up for another amazing homeschool year!



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