America’s Story from Master Books

This year I veered off of our usual path and chose a new history curriculum.


And guess what? It’s been a huge hit at my house.


We are loving the relaxed pace of this new program. It’s been a nice break from the 4-year history cycle.


We tried out America’s Story from Master Books for an American history focus this year.


It’s wonderful!


Here’s how we use it in our homeschool.


I’m using the text as a read aloud with all of my kids. We read one short section per day and then my kids do a short oral narration.


I started off using the workbook but that got put aside. My kids didn’t want to draw tee-pees and write down narrations. And despite my best efforts and intentions, we still have not created a history timeline.


Homeschool mom fail!!!


But I’m refusing to feel guilty; instead, I’m enjoying our wonderfully relaxing read aloud time.


My kids crowd around my chair each afternoon as I read the history section.


They all want to look at the pictures.


Y’all! This book is really beautiful. We all love looking at the pictures, images, maps, and diagrams in this book.


Each chapter has two sections of reading. Then the third section usually has maps, historical items, or pictures of a historical place. This third section has tons and tons of pictures. My kids look forward to that last section in each chapter so they can enjoy looking over all the images.


Here’s what makes this program perfect for us:


  • It appeals to a wide variety of ages. All of my kids from my 6th grader down to my preschooler enjoy listening in as we follow the story of history.


  • The text is written from a Christian worldview, but the tone is not preachy or condescending. I find it rather balanced actually.


  • The story is well-written and interesting. It’s written to be a living text that fits within the Charlotte Mason philosophy. It’s definitely not dry and boring like a textbook.


  • The story is broken into small sections. This means that it’s easy for kids to provide a narration after each section.


  • It fits well into our schedule. We spend about 20 minutes on history. We read, narrate, and discuss. It’s easy and simple and requires no prep work for me.


We ditched the teacher guide with worksheets, drawing instructions, timeline, and other activities. I’m just not good at doing history projects or other activities.


My kids want to cover more than 1 chapter per week, so we read one section per day. This means that we finish a chapter and a half each week.


We’re going to need book 2 by the second semester, but that’s ok with me!


My kids are loving history and find the story fascinating. They’ve learned a lot of basic history facts and they get wrapped up in the story during our history time each day.


If you’re looking for a simple and relaxed approach to history, you should definitely check out this program. My kids can’t wait to read the next books in this series.


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