A Review of Homeschool Spanish Academy

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This school year I gave myself a little bit of a break and outsourced Spanish classes for my oldest child.

She’s always loved learning languages and I am not able to keep up with her studies as much as I would like.

I wanted her to have practice conversing in the language while still learning the basic vocabulary and grammar.

I found exactly what I was looking for in Homeschool Spanish Academy!

This is a wonderful Spanish program that pairs students with native Spanish speakers for one-on-one tutoring and conversation practice.

It is flexible, adaptable, individualized, and fun!

If you’ve been looking for ways to add foreign language into your homeschool, this might be the perfect solution for you.

Plus, the upper levels count as high school foreign language credits!

If you want to read more about how this program works, be sure to check out my other post about Homeschool Spanish Academy.

And if you want my thoughts on the program, read on and see what I think about the program – and how my daughter feels about it too.

Since my daughter has had some previous Spanish exposure so she easily placed into the middle school level of this program.

She was schedule for 50 minute classes once a week.

The first lesson was more of an evaluation as the teacher worked through some topics in the first few lessons to gauge my daughter’s abilities.

At the end of this lesson, she had a short conference with me to let me know that my daughter did very well and that she would be able to move through some of the earlier lessons in this level at a faster pace. Therefore, some weeks my daughter covers two lessons in her class.

After class, my daughter receives an email with a PDF document that contains the homework for her class. She is able to type directly into the PDF and then upload the edited version for her teacher to grade. It’s been very quick and easy!

My daughter has tried several of the Spanish teachers at Homeschool Spanish Academy, and while she enjoyed all of them, a couple of them were her favorites so we’ve tried to schedule most of her classes with those particular teachers so she can get to know them and they will know her and her language abilities. It’s made her classes more effective and efficient since she and the teacher now know each other.

What has my daughter been learning?

The lessons cover grammar concepts and lots of vocabulary. Then in the classes, the teacher converses with my daughter, speaking almost solely in Spanish, to immerse her in the language and help her practice the vocabulary.


My daughter has loved the conversation time. She has become comfortable with the teachers and finds them to be very encouraging as she tries out her Spanish skills.

I am thrilled that she is confident in trying to speak to them and that they continually push her to talk only in Spanish.


During the lesson, the teacher usually shares her screen with my daughter so they can both see the lesson. They work through it together and sometimes even complete part of the homework during class time.

I have found the lessons to be very thorough. My daughter is often asked to read passages in Spanish, answer questions, complete activities, or play simple games. The program has a great variety in the lessons and the teachers encourage the students to do as much talking as possible so they can practice.


After the main portion of the lesson there is time for more conversation and practice so that she can keep working toward Spanish fluency.

During this time the teacher can assess what my daughter learned during the lesson and correct her mistakes so that she practices correct vocabulary and grammar.

Parent/Teacher Conference

I love that there are parent/teacher conferences scheduled into the curriculum. Every 6 or so lessons, the teacher has a brief meeting with me and updates me on my daughter’s progress – what she needs to work on and what she has done well.

The teacher also lets me know how the lessons have been paced and if they are progressing more quickly or more slowly. The teachers are very good to help me know what to expect throughout the program.

And of course, I have time to ask them any questions I might have.

Because I’m not able to sit with my daughter for each of her 50 minute classes, I appreciate the frequent updates and the communication from the teachers. I think the open communication between parents and teachers is so important.

So far, we are really enjoying our experience with Homeschool Spanish Academy. My daughter has made significant progress in understanding Spanish and being able to speak in complete sentences and have simple conversations in Spanish. It’s also been a huge boost to her confidence.

The one-on-one sessions are wonderful because they are able to adapt to the needs and learning styles of each student. The individualized lessons are probably my favorite aspect of Homeschool Spanish Academy!

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2 thoughts on “A Review of Homeschool Spanish Academy

  1. I’ve asked other bloggers the same question & am still looking for answers.

    Have you ever inquired about how thorough the background checks are? We are insistent our elementary age son follow basic online safety/ etiquette. It feels awkward to sign him up to speak twice weekly with a total stranger, based in another country. Most of the time he will complete his lessons in an open viewing area of the house but when the littles aren’t napping he will need a quieter spot. I’ve aleady scheduled a free trial & will have Child 1 use my email address for all the communication.

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