{Day in the Life} Homeschooling while Pregnant

I’m in the home stretch of this pregnancy and I have homeschooled all the way through. In fact, the day I learned that I was expecting was the official start date of our homeschool year. I stared at that little test stick, handed it to my hubby, and then walked downstairs to our homeschool room to begin the very first day of a new school year. It certainly made the day more…..interesting…..

Homeschooling in the first trimester is tough, and I will admit to taking many a power nap in the afternoon. And now that I’m in the last weeks of pregnancy, that fatigue has hit me again.

Here’s what a typical day looks like in our homeschool as we press forward until the new baby arrives.

5:45 AM – It’s wake up time for me. I find one of the few pj pants that fit me before I go to our homeschool room to start the day.

6:00 AM – Curly joins me in the homeschool room and we start school time together. We work through her grammar, spelling, Bible, poetry, Latin, Spanish, writing, science, and math. I munch on Cheerios, because lately I’m always starving.

7:30 AM – I go upstairs to put a baked oatmeal in the oven for breakfast and I wake up Tiger for his school time. I refill on the Cheerios too. Then I start on Tiger’s school.

7:45 AM – Punkin appears in the doorway. In the past week she’s suddenly decided that I am NOT to be out of her sight during her waking hours. She is my constant shadow. So, she curls up in the reading chair nearby while Tiger and I work on his grammar, spelling, and reading.

8:00 AM – We march upstairs to breakfast. As the kids eat, I quiz them on their AWANA verses. Then they scatter to brush teeth, make beds, and start chores. Tiger and Bee fit in their piano practice between chore duties. This time of the morning is always a race between the kids to see who can finish their list first. I hear lots of arguing over who will sit at the piano first, and I see Tiger shove Bee off the bench. In case you were wondering, yes my children do fight. Homeschooling does not exempt you from sibling rivalry.

8:45 AM – We are back downstairs in our homeschool room so I can work with Punkin and Ladybug. Punkin wants to play bingo during her school time so we sit on the floor (rather painfully I might add) and play several rounds of the game together. During this time, Curly is reading with Tiger.

9:15 AM – We’ve finished playing a second game, this one chosen by Ladybug and now I start reading to her. Bee wanders off to go read with Curly and Tiger joins us to listen to the books.

9:35 AM – I work with Ladybug on her math and letter sounds while Curly practices her piano. Punkin wanders off to destroy the playroom.

9:50 AM – I finish school time with Tiger and we complete his reading, logic, and math. All the girls play together with the newly put-together baby bouncy seats and rocking bassinets.

10:15 AM – Bee joins us in the school room to do science and Spanish with Tiger. Curly works on some of her independent work. The two little girls go play with Legos in the play room. This is my time to relax in my comfy chair as Tiger and Bee sit on the floor at my feet with their notebooks. Recliner in the school room = best idea ever!

10:45 AM – I send Tiger off to run off some energy on the treadmill while he listens to an audiobook, and I start schoolwork with Bee. We complete her spelling, grammar, logic, reading, and math. Curly joins the little girls and plays with them (read: bosses them around).

11:20 AM – I call everyone into the homeschool room for our “together time.” I climb back into my comfy recliner and read history and science to them. Then we finish our school time with a Bible lesson. The kids play in our sensory bin or work on a puzzle as they listen.

11:55 AM – I go upstairs to start prepping lunch, and I give Tiger and Bee instructions to work on independent work. Curly listens to her Latin songs with the younger girls and their baby dolls.

12:15 PM – Everyone gathers around the table to watch history online as they eat. I have a few quiet minutes to myself to eat as well.

12:45 PM – After lunch I try to get comfortable on the couch with 5 pillows. Bee works on her knitting and Tiger listens as I read two chapters from his read aloud. The little girls play a game with each other and quickly get offended and start throwing game pieces at each other. I separate them.

1:25 PM – I send Tiger and Bee off to play games and to find out what the little girls are doing. It’s never good when it’s that quiet! Curly joins me on the couch so I can read to her. She works on her knitting project while I read. Punkin tries to join us and play a very loud game sitting on the floor at my feet. I sweetly ask her to find someone else to play her game (sheer willpower comes into play here. It’s fueled by my secret chocolate stash).

1:50 PM – By this time I’m so sleepy that I cannot function. I silently wish that I could actually drink coffee. Instead, I go downstairs to watch Curly’s Latin DVD with her and then force myself back upstairs to do dishes.

2:30 PM – I decide that the only thing that will make my tired back feel better is a warm shower. I am interrupted 8 times during my shower. I wonder why I even take showers. Are they worth the trouble? Should I use this time to give an impromptu anatomy lesson?

3:00 PM – I tell the kids that they have another hour to play before they will have a few chores. I grab a snack and then I sit down to work on my blog and my social media shares. I hear screaming, stomping, throwing, and crying. I send everyone to separate rooms with an audiobook to take a short break. I’m interrupted 6 times as I try to work. I again wonder why I even try. Is it wrong to lock my door?

3:30 PM – Punkin brings in a baby doll, blanket, and diaper bag and proceeds to turn my bedroom into her nursery. I give up on doing anything productive and decide to lie down and let her chat incessantly to me. She tells me how she needs to “cwean up dis duff” in my room. (Clean up this stuff). I let her pick everyone up off the floor and place it on my bed. At least I don’t have to bend over to reach anything now.

4:00 PM – I give the kids a few chores while I start dinner prep and breakfast prep for the next day. The secret to success is planning all meals in advance and prepping each day’s meal the night before (and yes, this always includes breakfast).

My days of homeschooling during pregnancy don’t look much different than a regular day except that I use much of my energy trying to stay awake in order to make it through the day. But I power through knowing that we are ahead of our school schedule which will make me less stressed during the first few months of adjusting to life with a newborn again.

Homeschooling while pregnant is exhausting but possible. Next up – homeschooling with a newborn!

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