{Intentionally Organized} Routines and Schedules Edition

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In being more intentional this year I’ve revamped my schedules and created some routines for our homeschool and our household.

Homeschooling is a huge priority in our house so I always create a detailed schedule to help me ensure that the school gets done every day.
You can read about our homeschool schedule here.

I also have a set morning start time to our homeschool. This has been the BEST IDEA EVER! Having a start time for our day helps us be consistent, keeps us on track, and ensures that all of our subjects get done. Ohh, and our start time is at 6 AM. Crazy? You can read more about that insanity at this post.

And before you think that I’m too rigid in our homeschool, you can read about a schedule vs. a routine at this post and see how our schedule slowly morphs into more of a comfortable routine as our homeschool year progresses.

So I’ve been fairly intentional in our homeschool. How about in my housekeeping and my personal life? Well, ummm, oops!  In focusing on our homeschool, the housework has suffered and I’ve found that I’m needing some personal time for things like Bible study, reading, exercise, and more down time with my hubby.

It’s time to be intentional in other areas of my life outside of the homeschool realm.

To help me in these areas I’ve created some simple schedules and routines.


  • First, I listed the areas that are the biggest struggles for me or things that need to be added to my day. Biggest struggles? Keeping up with laundry and finding quiet time to blog. Things to add to my day? Time for Bible study, exercise, and personal reading.
  • Then I reviewed my schedule to see where I had extra blocks of time. Basically I found the times of day that I waste in mindless activities (hello Facebook) and I replaced those with something more meaningful. This means that I created a new schedule for our day that includes more than just homeschool-related things.
  • I also chose a set start time and end time for our days. I had already done this in our homeschool – 6 AM to 2 PM. During those hours my time and energy is spent on our homeschool. For me, this meant that I got up at 5:45 and then enjoyed some peace and quiet after 2. However, I didn’t use my extra time wisely. So, I changed my schedule with an earlier start time for me and I also scheduled some things for myself into the afternoon to keep me from wasting that time. I also penciled in a bedtime for myself so I can be accountable to get enough sleep (and not watch Netflix until late at night).
  • I wrote down simple routines for the morning, afternoon, evening, and night that will help me stay on track with the schedule. These routines will hopefully become habits and fill my spare time with meaningful activities.

Here’s my current routine:

Here’s my routine in more detail:

I’ve decided to start waking up even earlier (and I’m so NOT a morning person) to have some quiet before my kids get up for school. I put Bible study time in this slot so I could make sure that it did not get missed during my day. Now I head downstairs a little after 5, start the essential oils diffuser, sip on some hot tea, and work on my Bible study and prayer journaling. Then I prepare for our day before the kids start school. And at breakfast time we unload the dishwasher and switch the laundry that my hubby started as he left for work that morning.

Instead of wasting my afternoons in mindless activities while the kids enjoy some play time, I penciled in exercise and showering into the 2-3 PM time slot. Sounds a little crazy but it works really well. I get on the treadmill and watch Latin with my oldest daughter and then we watch an educational show all together while I walk. They are getting some school things done while I’m able to exercise. Multi-tasking at it’s finest! Then I shower while they enjoy some play time. We also do a quick clean up before dad comes home and we get the laundry folded and put away.

I’m also committed to ensuring that the kitchen is cleaned up after dinner with breakfast prepped and ready for the morning. So right after dinner we work together to get the kitchen clean, dishes done, and breakfast ready. We also work together to pick up the main floor of the house before we head upstairs to bed. This means that I don’t have to come back downstairs and clean after the kids are in bed. Hooray!

Night is time for me – the house is picked up, the dishes and laundry are done, and the kids have completed school and are in bed. I get to do a few things for myself while my hubby does his grading (he’s a professor part-time). I go through my calendar and create my to-do list for the next day. Then I blog and schedule blog posts and social media posts. I also say no to Netflix, and instead take some time to read before bed.

This new routine has been amazing. I feel more productive and less stressed. My time isn’t being wasted and I’ve been able to find snippets of time throughout the day to not only get household chores done but have time for myself to exercise, read, and complete Bible studies.

Here are a few resources that I found helpful when I was reevaluating our schedule and creating new routines.

Make Over Your Morning – This is a great course from Money Saving Mom about being intentional in the morning (and throughout the day) to set goals, routines, and prioritize. It’s short and easy to complete and I found it very encouraging and motivating.

Flourish – A great book with some amazing scheduling tips and lots and lots of encouragement.

The Fringe Hours – This one has been recommended to me and it’s been added to my reading list.


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  1. Hello,
    so wonderful to meet you from the Hip Homeschool link. I am a grandma/blogger/published author/painter. I love your new schedule. It's sounds freeing but controlled all rolled into one. I too am an early riser and go to bed early most nights. I love my quiet time – that's when God really speaks to me. I have followed you on twitter and hope we can meet again soon.

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