My Word for 2013 {Update}

So, this year my word was DELIGHT.  I wanted to delight in the everyday.  I wanted to find delight in my Lord, my husband, my children, my family, and in my job as wife, mom, housekeeper, and homeschooler.

It’s a little more than halfway through the year and I thought I would reflect on how I’m doing.  Am I still inspired?  Umm, nope.  Not at all.  I’m wondering why in the world I chose the word “DELIGHT.”  What was I thinking?  You know the saying that if you pray for patience you’ll only get opportunities to practice patience?  Well, I’ve had many opportunities to force myself to delight in circumstances that are anything but delightful.  Let’s recap the last 6 months.

We started our year with a new little one and very little sleep.  Life felt out of control crazy.  I wanted to delight in the newborn snuggles but all I could find delight in was sleep.  And there was never enough.

My husband is working toward his PhD and I don’t find delight in his late nights studying and all the work that goes into his classes and papers.  It’s not delightful for him…….or me.  And this past semester he was working on his comprehensive exams and the rewrites.  Ohh the deadlines and the pressure!  (He did pass though and now we’re on to the dissertation phase.)

My kids have been extra crazy this spring.  We’ve had numerous character issues to work through and I’ve felt like I was always selling something short.  I felt like I was failing in the character training area and the parenting area and the discipleship.  It’s not delightful when little people are arguing, fighting, complaining, and screaming.  It’s just tiresome.

I have been completely unable to keep up with the house since Punkin was born.  The house was always in a state of disarray that drove me nuts.  I want to clean but I’m so tired by the end of the night.  Then we get up in the morning and destroy the house all over again.  When is cleaning every something to delight in?

We learned that we would have to move out of our rent house in the spring.  That sent us on several house hunting trips.  We dealt with a realtor who was a nightmare.  We found a house but had many details to work out before we could sign paperwork.  Then of course, we actually had to move all of our stuff.  This was move #3 in 1 year!  Where is the delight in that???

We’ve also been church shopping – visiting around to find a church home.  We had some differences with the church we were attending and they started going through a time of turmoil and changes.  We wanted some stability and a whole lot of straight-from-the-Word preaching.  Church hasn’t been delightful.

And through all the crazy, my hubby and I have not had much time for each other.  He’s been up against work and school deadlines.  I’ve been trapped under piles of dishes and laundry.  And of course, Bible study got pushed aside.

Then I suddenly remembered my word for the year.  DELIGHT.  Ohh, I hadn’t found the delight in anything so far this year.  This year has been discouraging.

I was convicted that I need to look for delight.  It might be hidden in the midst of difficult circumstances but it’s there, waiting to be sought out.  Delight doesn’t just happen, I have to make the effort to find the bright side and find the joy.

So, I decided I needed to be much more proactive in cultivating delight in each area of my life.  Rather than waiting for situations that bring delight, I’m going to cultivate joy.

Over the next few days I’m going to blog about how I plan to infuse more delight into the rest of my year.  I’ll be blogging about how I plan to find delight in my children, my spouse, my home, my homeschool, and my Lord.  Join me as I search for delight!

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