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I often blog about our scheduling, routines, and planning. Here you can find the most popular posts about those topics:

Our Homeschool Schedule
Choosing Curriculum Wisely
Homeschool Planning Nights

I also share about our favorite homeschool curriculum:

Curriculum Confessions
Why I Like All About Reading

My Thoughts on Teaching Multiple Levels of Right Start Math

And what homeschool mom doesn’t love a few good booklists? These are some favorite lists to get you started:

Story of the World 3
Story of the World 4

Summer Reading for This Homeschool Mom

While I’m not an expert, I try to share a few tidbits and secrets I’ve learned in our homeschooling journey:

4th Year Homeschool Burnout
How Do You Do It All? Balancing Homeschool and Housework
Why I Decided Against a Homeschool Co-Op

You’ll also find the messy, real-life stories of homeschooling:

Sometimes Your Kids Drive You Crazy
A Day in the Life: Homeschooling While Pregnant
My Distracted Child and Math Time

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