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Homeschool mom, has your homeschool journey left you feeling a little bit lost?

Are you days filled with curriculum choices, papers to grade, transcripts to create, and children’s activities to manage with very little thought as to your own hobbies and pursuits?

In the busyness of homeschooling you can lose your identity.

How do I know? It’s happened to me.

In those first few years of homeschooling I dove in headfirst and didn’t come up for air. I was consumed with parenting and homeschooling that I neglected to nurture my own interests.

When I reached a stage of burnout and discontent I finally realized that I needed to plan some “me time” in my schedule.

Remember that you matter. Find some things that you enjoy and pursue your passions. In other words, carve out some time for yourself.

If you’re like me you might enjoy spending time on self-education. Through homeschooling my kids, I’ve discovered that learning can be fun and rewarding, so I’ve started to find ways to further my own education.

I also love to read! I’ve found that by having multiple books loaded on my Kindle app, I can find small pockets of time to devote to reading some books.

Do you still need a little nudge to make time for yourself? You should read this book. It really encouraged me to revamp my schedule and prioritize my needs.

So, how can you get started on your own learning journey?


Another fun resource that you’ll find on the blog is a collection of surveys. Yes, I’m conducting some anecdotal research about all things homeschool. My hubby is a professor and I’ve helped him with countless hours of research, so now it’s time to conduct my own.

But I promise it will be fun! By participating in short surveys, you’ll be able to participate in a community of like-minded homeschool moms. And I bet you’ll be encouraged and inspired by the responses. You’ll find that all of us homeschool moms aren’t all that different. We have similar challenges, fears, and successes.

Be watching for my growing collection of surveys and research!


You can also find more research information here:

National Home Education Research Institute 


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