Our Schoolhouse

Welcome to our schoolhouse!
Come inside and learn a little more about who we are, why we homeschool, and how everything comes together.

I run the daily operations here at Lextin.  I am the head teacher, the chef, the janitor, and the nurse.  I am the maker of lists, buyer of books, collector of curricula, and planner of crafts.
Prince Charming

Principal and School Administrator and sometimes co-teacher.  Prince Charming is the sounding board, encourager, budget-overseer, and the funds behind our operation.

She’s the firstborn who inspired this adventure.  Curly is the deep thinker, the sensitive heart, the reader, and the bossy brains behind the antics of the little ones.

Tiger is the only boy in the sea of pink and princess dresses at our house.  He is the knight in shining armor, the hunter, the fighter, and the hero.

And she’s the tie-breaker child!  Bee is the little imp, practical joker, baby doll caretaker, and stuffed animal hoarder.

Ladybug is the loud, demanding, stubborn one who is always the first to apologize, the first to hug, and freely gives out kisses.  She’s walking, climbing, escaping, squealing, giggling, and bringing chaos.

Punkin made an early entrance, just before Thanksgiving in 2012.  She is the calm and cuddly little one who never lacks for attention.  Her favorite pasttime is listening to one of her big siblings sing to her as she dances along.

In the Beginning – a little about the adults in this house

All because 2 people fell in love, right?  Want to know how we met?
Ohh, and here’s my favorite piece of marriage adviceYou’re welcome!
Our marriage has not been without its challenges.  You can read my thoughts on challenges within marriage here.
Take a walk down memory lane in celebration of our 10 year anniversary.
The parental figures at Lextin very much enjoy date night and we’ve even recreated our first date!

Why Homeschool
We homeschool because I know, from personal experience, that it works.  I was homeschooled in highschool and am a homeschool grad.  I even asked my parents to homeschool me!
If you ask my friends they’ll tell you that I turned out ok.  I did leave my house on occasion; I can talk to others; I even got into college.  So, let’s debunk those homeschool myths right off the bat.

Religious?  Social?  Academic?  Environment?  Which is our reason for homeschooling?  All of them.

We homeschool because we have a strong conviction that homeschooling is right for our family.  We are thankful for the freedoms to exercise that right.  We also want to provide religious and moral instruction, teaching our children Biblical truths and Christian worldview.  We want our kids to be protected from the social environment in the public schools, preserving their innocence.  We want to provide a more academically rigorous education than what is currently provided by the public schools, working at our own pace and pursuing our interests as time allows.  We also want a safe environment for our children, which is not offered by the public schools.

We hope to nurture our children’s minds and hearts, providing a solid education with an emphasis on character and instilling a love for learning.

Homeschool Myths and Reality 
If you choose to homeschool you will find all kinds of questions directed your way, some in a genuinely curious sort of way and others in a very rude and judgmental way.  You will also discover that there are many types of homeschoolers and that even in homeschool circles you might stand out.  You don’t have to be supermom to homeschool or have the patience of a saint.  Don’t worry – I don’t do it all!  I have a few confessions to make…..
And I’m pretty sure homeschooling has given me an identity crisis…But am I crazy for doing it?  I don’t think so!

So before you start your journey- pray, do some research, ask lots of questions, and prepare some comebacks for all the questions that will be headed your direction.  And know that there will be times that you want to quit….but I have a lot of things to be thankful for!
Know that you’ll have subjects you love to teach and those you loathe teaching!  You’ll find wonderful curriculum that you love and you’ll try out curriculum that was not meant for your family.  You’ll question yourself, do lots of research, and find that you’re growing and learning even more than your children!
And every February you’ll want to throw in the towel!  But you’ll press on because you’re making memories, making a difference, and making disciples of your children.

Organized Chaos
We have a full house and a busy schedule but we try to stay organized.  I make a schedule at the beginning of our school year to keep our days on track.  I even make a simple schedule for the kids and have begun to experiment with a block schedule.  And I routinely change how I plan and sometimes go through a planning crisis.  Some days we do less academic work but we still need to keep things moving with a routine to keep the littles busy.  I consider homeschooling my full-time job and enjoy the challenge, but I especially enjoy curricula shopping and book buying!

Our homeschool has always had a baby or toddler in tow.  What’s it like with little people?  Find out here.

How long does a homeschool day take at Lextin?
We homeschool year round in order to take more breaks for holidays (and when we need a break).  We also finish our curriculum each year!  No slacking off here!
But we do take breaks and enjoy kid-created projects and play time!

In planning for 2013 I chose one word for my year – Delight!
Here’s a recap of 2013
My word for 2014 is Relationship!

More About Our Homeschool 

One of the most important aspects of our homeschool is our read aloud time.  We love to curl up on the couch or in the beanbag chairs and enjoy stories.

Q and A

Can you homeschool for free?  Yes, you can.  Do I use only free resources?  No.  Why?  Because I want to be frugal with my time.

Did you known that I currently blog for the TOS Homeschool Review Crew?  Yes, I do!  I so enjoy the wonderful group of bloggers in the Crew!  Are you interested in joining the Crew?  Find out ways to prepare to apply for a new Crew year.

Do we test our children?  Yes, we do.  Find out why!
What homeschool method do we use?  We are fairly eclectic but do utilize many aspects of classical education in our homeschool.

A Day in the Life 

Our days never look the same and as much as I like planing and our comfortable routine, I am thankful for the variation in our days.  I love reading day-in-the-life posts which given an honest look into the daily life of a homeschool family.  So here are posts which give you a small glimpse into Lextin Academy:
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Or you could read about our day in pictures!
Favorite Things and More Fun

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