Welcome to Lextin Eclectic, my personal blog about home education! While it’s not the most riveting read, here you’ll find my privacy policy, disclosure information, confidentiality policy, and copyright details.

Privacy Policy:

Lextin Eclectic does not sell or give away the personal information that you provided to leave a comment or sign up for the newsletter. If you sign up for the newsletter, your information will only be used to receive the newsletter. If you comment on a post, your personal information is NOT used to send you anything.

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I am picky about which programs I choose to promote through Lextin Eclectic. Know that I only recommend products I use and enjoy.

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Even though I may have received a product for free, this will not affect my review. All opinions are my own.


On the blog I occasionally share surveys to learn more information about you. While the surveys will be anonymous, none of the information provided will be considered confidential. It may be used in homeschool research or as anecdotal stories in future blog posts.

In addition, none of the information shared via email, as a comment on the blog, or on social media will be considered confidential. So please be mindful when commenting or sharing information.

Copyright Information:

Everything on this site is copyright of Lextin Academy unless otherwise noted. Images and text may not be copied from the site, but I do appreciate when others share my content on social media!