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What is the best part of homeschool?


And you thought I’d say it was the family time, the snuggly read alouds, the wonderful memories you create, or the chance to disciple your children.

Actually you’re right. Those are some of the best parts of homeschool. However, it is so easy to be distracted by bright, shiny, new curriculum.

Let’s face it – homeschool curriculum can be fun and exciting.

I can readily admit that I’m somewhat of a curriculum junkie. I collect curriculum. I research curriculum. I love to talk about curriculum.

It’s a problem!

But I’ve discovered that sometimes curriculum can be a hindrance to your homeschool.

Have you noticed that too?

  • You can have commitment problems. Either you’re overly committed to your curriculum and can’t move on when something’s not working, or you cannot commit at all and you become a “curriculum hopper.”
  • You can have a checkbox problem. This means that you might be too rigid in how you follow that curriculum until it sucks all the joy right out of your homeschool. If you’re more concerned about checking off the boxes, than you are about true learning, then you might suffer from this problem.
  • You can believe that the grass is always greener. When you learn what other homeschool moms are using in their homeschool, you might become fearful that what you’re doing isn’t good enough. So, you feel like you need to try whatever curriculum they are using, even if what you’re currently doing is working just fine.
  • You can have a false sense of security. You can put a little too much faith into that curriculum. No curriculum is perfect and will product perfect results. Know that there can be learning gaps in any program.
  • You can be afraid to invest in education. While it’s true that you can homeschool within a budget, it’s also true that there are some smart and worthwhile investments. Some of the pricier homeschool products have been worth every penny!

See, homeschool curriculum can cause many a problem!

Wait? But don’t you need homeschool curriculum?

Well, there are many amazing homeschool parents that pull together resources and chart their own homeschool course. So, some homeschoolers might tell you a resounding, “No.”

Does that not describe you?

That’s ok. It doesn’t describe me either. I feel most comfortable when we’re using specific curriculum in our homeschool.

Need some help finding and choosing that curriculum?

I’ll give you a little nudge in the right direction.

  • Have you ever wondered what is the VERY BEST homeschool curriculum? Me too! I believe I’ve found it. You can read all about it here!

I’ll also share some of my favorite curriculum vendors. And as full disclosure, I am an affiliate with a few of them, so purchasing through my links is one simple way to support my blog!


Bible Study Guide for All Ages

Classical Academic Press Bible


Right Start Math

Math Mammoth

Beast Academy

Language Arts

All About Reading

All About Spelling

First Language Lessons

Writing with Ease

Classical Academic Press Writing and Rhetoric


Story of the World

Tapestry of Grace


Nancy Larson Science


Real Science 4 Kids

BJU Science

Master Books


Critical Thinking Company

Prufrock Press


See the Light Art

Artistic Pursuits

Foreign Languages

Classical Academic Press Latin and Spanish

Galore Park Spanish

Getting Started with Spanish


Some other companies that you should definitely check out:


Heart of Dakota

Memoria Press


Compass Classroom


Ohh, and never neglect a local homeschool convention. Those things are not only fun, but they are packed with helpful information and tons of resources. I look forward to attending every year!