Hmm, this post might be a little offensive to some.  But I felt the need to come clean. I am a suburbia-dwelling homeschool mom.  I can admit it proudly. I enjoy neighborhoods with sidewalks and parks.  I enjoy yards and a landscaped lawn. I do not have a garden.  My thumb would never be consideredRead more


If you’ve ever told someone you are a stay-at-home mom, then you’ve probably been on the receiving end of a particular comment.  I know you’ve heard it many times if you’ve had to fess-up to being a homeschool mom. “I could never do that!” Is that a compliment or an insult? The person seems toRead more

Overdoing It Part 2

Ok, here’s my list of subjects with the reality behind them: Geometry-We own shape blocks.  Tiger sometimes using them to set up his own mini-golf course. Algebra-This is all about studying relationships that vary over time.  I have this covered in the sibling rivalry category. Basic Mathematics-There are two cookies left.  What do we do? Read more

Overdoing It

I have already admitted to serious overkill in the curricula category.  Yes, I sometimes supplement my supplements.  But, really, our school days are filled with twice as much free and imaginative play.  I don’t feel like we’re overloaded.  You might think so.  But I think it’s all in the presentation. On a homeschool forum theRead more