{Review Crew} Apologia Educational Ministries – Exploring Creation with Chemistry and Physics

We’ve done a few science topics over the years but we have not yet covered any chemistry or physics.  Those topics scare me!  I took chemistry in high school (and barely survived) and would not have made it through physics in college without my hubby’s support.  So I don’t have fond memories of either topic! Read more

{Review and Giveaway} Science in the Beginning from Berean Builders Publishing

I tried out a brand new science curriculum over the past few weeks.  We’re not science people and I’m always searching for the perfect science curriculum for our family, so I’m was excited to see a new option for homeschool families.  What did we think of Science in the Beginning from Berean Builders Publishing?  ReadRead more

Review Crew: BrainFood Learning: The Fascinating World of Birds

We had the chance to expand our movie collection and enjoy a fun and educational family movie night learning about birds from BrainFood Learning! What is it?BrainFood Learning is a company started by parents in order to create educational material for children.  They wanted to create material that was entertaining as well as educational.  TheRead more

Review Crew: Supercharged Science

I never liked science in school………I’m just being honest.  But I don’t want that same experience for my kids.   Well, we’ve had the opportunity to review a new science program and I’m not sure who learned more- me or them!  We reviewed Supercharged Science! What is it?Supercharged Science is a complete science curriculum called e-Science. Read more