Me:  What are you doing Curly?Curly:  I’m tessellating the floor with puzzle pieces! Tiger:  Mom, I want to be a barbarian.  What is a good barbarian name?Me:  Attila?Tiger:  No, Mom, I don’t want to be a Hun.  I want to be one of those other ones…..Curly:  Visigoths?  Goths?  Burgundians?  Allemani?  Franks?  Which one?Tiger:  Who isRead more

Small Talk

Tiger doesn’t love his phonics instruction.  He would rather do math!  I always give him the choice of which to do first during our school time.  Math is always first. One day after math I pulled out his phonics curriculum.  He sighed, “I’m not fond of this.”Such a polite way to put it! At dinnerRead more

Tiny Talk

Kids say the craziest things!  Here are things that have been overheard in our house…….. We drove through a neighborhood that had many Christmas light displays.  The neighborhood association had a contest and the houses had signs in their yard with the name of their award and category.  We passed one house that was anRead more