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Are you searching for some wonderful book lists? Well, you’re in the right place!

At our house, we all love to read. We are in constant need of new titles to add to our home library.

My bookshelves are overflowing and my hubby wants to cancel Amazon prime on account on my book buying addiction.

To me, there’s nothing as wonderful as a new book. Well, maybe except all the lists of books that I’d like to read.

I spend almost as much time researching books and creating book lists as I do actually reading. I might have a problem.

But that’s ok – I love sharing my book recommendations and lists with all my readers. Now you can join me in my obsession. Because what homeschool mom doesn’t love a good book list?

You might have landed here in search of my Story of the World Book Lists. I have one for Volumes 3 and 4. Lists for the first two volumes are in the works, I promise. If you’re looking for those lists, here are some quick links to take you there right away.

Story of the World 3
Story of the World 4

If you’re looking for some inspiration or motivation, keep reading.

Are you a reader? Are your kids bookworms?

All of my kids enjoy books. The gift of reading is one of the greatest gifts I can give my kids because it enables them to be life-long learners. After all, that’s one of the ultimate goals of my homeschool – creating kids who never stop learning. How do I accomplish this? Instill a love for books.

What if your child doesn’t like to read?

Well, not all kids love to read. My husband was one of those. Despite being raised in a family of readers, he wasn’t a huge fan of the written word. He said it wasn’t until adulthood that he finally discovered some books that he enjoyed. So, he’s been finally converted. He loves books now. He was just a late bloomer.

So, how can you capture your kids’ imagination and keep their noses in good books?

  • Read to them

I started reading to all of my children when they were very young. They’ve grown up paging through books while seated in my lap. And as they’ve gotten older, I’ve continued to read to them. They have loved stories from the time they were young and now they are excited to explore books on their own. Of course, I still read aloud to them even though they can read proficiently! There’s something wonderful about listening to a book read aloud to you.

  • Surround them with books

I have shelves filled with books and my kids have an abundance of reading choices. They love to make their own selections from our home library (and the public library). In this way, I’ve encouraged them to take ownership of their reading lives.

  • Find books that inspire them

We don’t always read classics or even great literature. I encourage my kids to follow their interests and choose books on topics that they find interesting. Sometimes they choose some pretty poorly written books or books that are below their reading level. However, these books have grown their confidence in their reading ability and allowed them to enjoy reading. And guess what? With little nudges, I can direct them toward some different (better written) choices in the future.

  • Participate in a reading challenge

We started a family reading challenge and it has been the absolute best. I have to give my husband credit for coming up with the idea and for encouraging the kids to read daily. We are on year two of our reading challenge, and my kids have read more books in the past year than I think I’ve read in the past 10 years. I have a lot of catching up to do!

If you want to read about our family reading challenge you can read about Year 1 and Year 2 on the blog.

  • Try audiobooks

What if you have a struggling reader? Will that child ever enjoy reading? I believe the answer is yes. Here’s what you can do: fill that child with audiobooks. Read more about why we love audiobooks here.
I have a struggling reader who has recently begun to enjoy reading. For the past 6 years, I have filled that child’s head with every audiobook I could find. Now that the world of books has been made accessible, my child wants to pursue more stories in the form of books. With a lot of determination, reading has become an enjoyment. It may have taken years, but I have yet another child who likes to read.

So, get reading! But if you need more help choosing books, visit my pages below. I have options for kids’ books, books for you, and audiobook selections.

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