Book and Kindle Deals

I absolutely love adding books to our home library and our Kindle digital book collection. But if I’m being very honest, I’ll tell you that I often spend WAY TOO MUCH on books. I have a book-buying addiction. Amazon Prime gets me every time!!

So, in order to help myself stay within a budget, I search for great book deals.

Guess what?

This benefits you, because I share the great deals that I find right here on this page. If you’re wanting to add to your book collection, check out the books listed below.

All of the books on this list are either books that I have already read and can recommend, or ones that are currently on my wish list. There’s some good stuff here!

Check back often because I will update the lists as the sales change!

And all of the links are my affiliate links. I so appreciate each purchase you make through the links because it supports my blog (and doesn’t cost you anything extra). Click on each picture to get more information about the book!

[Updated May 29]


Tales of Bunjitsu Bunny
Read about the adventures of a karate-chopping bunny! ($2.99)

The Trouble with Chickens
A search and rescue dog is just trying to enjoy his retirement, but he has trouble – trouble with some chickens. ($3.11)

The Courage of Cat Campbell
My daughter has enjoyed some books in this series about a witch. In this book, young Cat is born with magical abilities but her mother has tried to hide her powers. ($3.47)

A Dash of Magic
This is the second book in a wonderful series about a magical bakery. ($3.03)

Libby of High Hopes
Follow the adventures of a horse-loving when she bonds with a horse named Princess. ($3.03)

The Book of Three
Journey to the land of Prydain and enjoy the adventure of a lowly pig keeper who wants to become a hero. ($2.99)

A Long Walk to Water
This book is based on a true story. I can’t wait to read it for our literature studies next school year. ($3.53)

Breaking Stalin’s Nose
A historical novel about a boy living in Communist Russia. Great for world history studies! ($3.49)

A Tangle of Knots
A magical novel about a town full of remarkable people who all have a specific talent and a young orphan who discovers a mysterious house and learns the story of her family history. ($3.84)

In a Blink
This is a great series for summer reading. My girls really enjoy the stories of fairies and Never Land. ($3.54)

Ivy and Bean
My little girls really love this series! Enjoy the tales of two girls, their friendship, and their many little adventures. ($2.89)

Flat Stanley
This modern classic is on sale! Follow the adventures of a boy who was flattened as he is mailed across the country and join in the fun by mailing your own picture of flat Stanley to friends. ($2.97)

The Lemonade Wars
Learn marketing tips as you read this story about an enterprising young boy and his lemonade stand. ($3.26)

The Blackthorn Key
This is a perfect mystery for an older reader. It’s suspenseful and a little creepy. ($3.47)

The Thickety
Villagers are afraid of the thick forest outside of their town. Kara explores the forest she finds a strange book that gives her magical powers. ($3.03)

This is an exciting serious about a magical land and a young boy who disappeared on the night he was born. ($3.99)

An adventurous story about a mysterious forest and a daring hero. ($3.03)

What We Found in the Sofa and How It Saved the World
My kids have loved this one on audio! ($3.48)

Double Dog Dare
A humorous tale of a 4th grade class who take a dare. Will the boys or girls win the bet? ($3.22)

The Map to Everywhere

For two children, the map holds the key to everything – from finding Fin’s mother to helping Marrill get safely home. It’s an exciting book with adventure and pirates. ($3.99)

Nooks and Crannies

Imagine a cross between Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and a game of Clue and you’ve got this book. Children begin disappearing at a haunted mansion and it’s up to one girl to save them. ($3.49)

The Hero’s Guide to Saving Your Kingdom

My kids absolutely love these hilarious fairy tales that give you the “real” story of the princes often known only as Prince Charming. ($3.47)

Roxie and the Hooligans

This book is perfect for as an early chapter book for an emerging reader. Roxie has an outlandish adventure on a deserted island with hooligans and crooks. ($3.94)


This is a fun story of baking and adventure as well as a secret book full of enchanted recipes. ($3.47)

Pi in the Sky

This sci-fi adventure also includes some math and physics concepts. One of the sons of the overlords of the universe has just one job – to deliver pies – until an earthling lands in an outer part of the universe and must be rescued. Now he must rescue her and even save the entire earth. ($3.48)

Big Game

Someone is after Rhonda Rhino, the endangered rhino who lives at FunJungle’s zoo. This is a fun read that is a little dangerous and a lot crazy. ($3.38)

Space Case

This one would make a perfect summer read! Solve a murder mystery on a moon base. ($3.99)

Bridge to Terabithia

This is a touching story of friendship, loss, and an imaginary land called Terabithia. ($3.80)


This version of the fairy tale is beautifully illustrated! ($3.49)

Calico Bush

This was one of our historical fiction choices for when we studied colonial America. Read about the journey of a French emigrant who becomes an indentured servant in early America. ($3.99)

The Endless Steppe

Follow the story of one Polish family as they are exiled to Siberia, Russia. This is a wonderful history resource for an older student. ($3.03)

One Morning in Maine

This is a wonderful story from the author of Blueberries for Sal. You can read more about Sal’s adventures in Maine! ($3.49)

The Saturdays

Enjoy reading about the adventures of the 4 children in the Melendy family! ($3.22)


Freckle Juice

A little boy desperately wants to have freckles like his best friend. So, a classmate sells him a secret recipe so he can make freckle juice and be covered in freckles too. Such a funny book! ($2.60)

Ramona the Brave

Starting 1st grade should be easy! But when you’re Ramona, things aren’t as easy as they should be. ($3.49)

Doctor De Soto

My kids love this story! Dr. De Soto is a mouse and a dentist. He agrees to treat a fox with a toothache but maybe that was not a very wise decision. ($3.50)


Great summer reading! It’s a book about fireflies and the magic of summer. ($3.49)


This is a book all about imagination and the way it can transform your perspective. ($3.49)

Billy and Blaze

Such a great story about a young boy and his horse. There’s an entire series of illustrated books about Billy and his horse Blaze. They are favorites at our house. ($3.47)

The Courage of Sarah Noble

This is a great pioneer story – and it’s a true story of a young girl’s bravery as she travels into the wilderness with her father. ($2.60)

In the Year of the Boar and Jackie Robinson

This has been on my reading list! It’s the story of an immigrant girl who is inspired by the all-American sport of baseball. ($2.99)

Magic Marks the Spot

Read about a young girl whose application to join the Very Nearly Honorable League of pirates is initially denied. It’s full of action, fun, and a talking gargoyle. My kids love this series! ($3.03)

The Terror of the Southlands

Book 2 in this fun series is also on sale right now. It continues with the pirating adventures and is just as full of fun as the first book. ($3.03)

No Flying in the House

Read about the adventures of a little girl who learns she’s not an ordinary girl, but instead is half fairy. ($2.99)

Ella Enchanted

You may have seen the movie but you really should read the book. It’s by one of our favorite authors. ($3.40)


The Wishing Spell

My 11-year-old has read every book in this series. It’s one of her favorites. Now my son is reading them and he enjoys them as well. Such a fun series! ($4.99)

Story’s End

This is a book two of a very fun fantasy series! ($3.99)


This is a very popular author and sadly I don’t think we’ve read any books by him. This book (as well as several others) have been on my wishlist. We’ll be reading this one soon! ($3.03)


The Bears on Hemlock Mountain

This one is a classic story about a boy who travels over a mountain to visit family – but are there bears on Hemlock Mountain? He’s afraid of what he might find in the woods. ($2.49)

The Matchlock Gun

This is a wonderful addition to your home library for early American history. One of the recommended Sonlight history books. ($2.98)

The 4th of July Story

This is such a beautifully illustrated book about the historical events surrounding the 4th of July. ($3.47).

Ben and Me

Such a cute book! The story of Benjamin Franklin as told by a mouse. Great for history studies. ($3.96)

[Updated May 29th]

Boundaries: When to Say Yes and When to Say No
I’ve been wanting to read this one after hearing so many good things about it! And for less than $2 I think I will! ($1.99)

Choosing Real
This book is an invitation to celebrate even when life isn’t going quite right. ($0.99)

Learn to let go of your insecurities and let God take control of your life. ($0.79)

The Good Wife’s Guide

Here’s a book about finding joy and purpose in being a help meet and embracing your role as a wife. ($2.99)

Chasing Slow

Journey off the beaten path to find a slower paced life that is brimming with contentment and joy. ($1.99)

Hope for the Weary Mom

If you ever fell like you’re fresh out of amazing, then this book of hope and encouragement is for you! ($3.19)

The Secret to Hummingbird Cake

This novel about friendship, life, and joy is brimming with sass and southern charm. ($1.99)

The Bookshop on the Corner

I saw this one recommended by Modern Mrs. Darcy so it’s on my summer reading list. ($1.99)

The Bronte Plot

I’ve really enjoyed reading fiction books by this author. This book is about a rare book dealer who makes some big mistakes that end up costing her the relationships closest to her. ($1.99)

You Are Free

We often measure our self worth by what others think of us. In this book you’ll be challenged to live in the freedom that Christ brings and find rest. ($1.99)

It’s Not Fair

Do you need help learning to love the life that you didn’t choose? This book helps you learn to laugh at life’s absurdities while also giving you a dose of encouragement and hope. ($2.99)


I really enjoy this author! This book is about learning to be content, savoring where you are, and living abundantly. ($1.99)

Pressing Pause

This is a devotional book for moms that contains 100 quiet moments for mom’s to meet with Jesus. ($1.99)

Make It Happen

This book is about living on purpose and surrendering the fear to live a more intentional life. I’ve enjoyed hearing this author speak on a couple of different podcasts so I’m excited to read her book. ($2.99)

No More Faking Fine

It’s time to end the pretense and pretending of always being fine and instead connect with the God who meets us where we are. ($1.99)

Wild and Free

This is a book for the mom who sometimes feels that she’s doing too much and who also worries that she’s not enough. ($1.99)

Only Love Today

A book about finding surrender in autumn and hope in winter while having the strength to bloom in the spring and summer. This author also wrote Hands Free Mama which was a great read. ($2.99)