Book and Kindle Deals

I absolutely love adding books to our home library and our Kindle digital book collection. But if I’m being very honest, I’ll tell you that I often spend WAY TOO MUCH on books. I have a book-buying addiction. Amazon Prime gets me every time!!

So, in order to help myself stay within a budget, I search for great book deals.

Guess what?

This benefits you, because I share the great deals that I find right here on this page. If you’re wanting to add to your book collection, check out the books listed below.

All of the books on this list are either books that I have already read and can recommend, or ones that are currently on my wish list. There’s some good stuff here!

Check back often because I will update the lists as the sales change!

And all of the links are my affiliate links. I so appreciate each purchase you make through the links because it supports my blog (and doesn’t cost you anything extra). Click on each picture to get more information about the book!

(Updated April 25)

The Shadows
Olive and her parents move into a run-down mansion and she soon discovers that she can travel inside paintings with the help of some magical spectacles. It’s a slightly spooky mystery! ($3.03)

A book about a beetle, a young boy, miniature drawings, and an art heist! It’s a fun and interesting read. ($3.47)

The Chicken Squad
Karate-chopping and crime-fighting chickens! What’s not to love? This is a fun series for kids who are reading short chapter books. ($3.49)

Nooks and Crannies
Imagine a cross between Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and a game of Clue and you’ve got this book. Children begin disappearing at a haunted mansion and it’s up to one girl to save them. ($3.49)

The Perilous Princess Plot
Here’s a fun and funny story about two girls and their adventures – one who would love to be a princess and one who would rather battle dragons and giants. ($2.99)

The Hero’s Guide to Saving Your Kingdom
My kids absolutely love these hilarious fairy tales that give you the “real” story of the princes often known only as Prince Charming. ($3.47)

Roxie and the Hooligans
This book is perfect for as an early chapter book for an emerging reader. Roxie has an outlandish adventure on a deserted island with hooligans and crooks. ($3.03)

This is a fun story of baking and adventure as well as a secret book full of enchanted recipes. ($3.47)

Pi in the Sky
This sci-fi adventure also includes some math and physics concepts. One of the sons of the overlords of the universe has just one job – to deliver pies – until an earthling lands in an outer part of the universe and must be rescued. Now he must rescue her and even save the entire earth.

Book Scavenger
There’s a new game that’s been invented where books are hidden as clues throughout a city. Unfortunately the game creator was attacked just before the launch of a new game. Try to solve the clues with Emily and James as they work to uncover who is after the game creator and now them as well! ($3.99)

Big Game
Someone is after Rhonda Rhino, the endangered rhino who lives at FunJungle’s zoo. This is a fun read that is a little dangerous and a lot crazy. ($3.38)

Space Case
This one would make a perfect summer read! Solve a murder mystery on a moon base. ($3.99)

The Year of Miss Agnes
Step into a one room school house in remote Alaska. This is a heartwarming story of an inspiring teacher in the Alaskan frontier. ($3.03)

Bridge to Terabithia
This is a touching story of friendship, loss, and an imaginary land called Terabithia. ($3.49)

Call It Courage
This is the classic story of a young Polynesian boy who overcomes his fear of the sea and discovers the meaning of courage. ($2.49)

This version of the fairy tale is beautifully illustrated! ($3.49)

This is a wonderfully illustrated version of the French version of Cinderella. It’s a wonderful read aloud! ($3.99)

Centerburg Tales
If you haven’t ready about the hilarious adventures of Homer Price, you’re missing out! In this book you can read about even more of his exploits. ($3.49)

Calico Bush
This was one of our historical fiction choices for when we studied colonial America. Read about the journey of a French emigrant who becomes an indentured servant in early America. ($3.99)

The Endless Steppe
Follow the story of one Polish family as they are exiled to Siberia, Russia. This is a wonderful history resource for an older student. ($3.03)

The Good Master
Travel to Budapest in this wonderful book from Kate Seredy – and enjoy some adventure and horseback races too! ($3.03)

One Morning in Maine
This is a wonderful story from the author of Blueberries for Sal. You can read more about Sal’s adventures in Maine! ($3.49)

The Saturdays
Enjoy reading about the adventures of the 4 children in the Melendy family! ($3.47)

This is a wonderful and inspiring book from Julie Andrews. ($3.49)

Freckle Juice
A little boy desperately wants to have freckles like his best friend. So, a classmate sells him a secret recipe so he can make freckle juice and be covered in freckles too. Such a funny book! ($2.60)

Ramona the Brave
Starting 1st grade should be easy! But when you’re Ramona, things aren’t as easy as they should be. ($3.49)

Doctor De Soto
My kids love this story! Dr. De Soto is a mouse and a dentist. He agrees to treat a fox with a toothache but maybe that was not a very wise decision. ($3.99)

Great summer reading! It’s a book about fireflies and the magic of summer. ($3.49)

This is a book all about imagination and the way it can transform your perspective. ($3.49)

How to Make an Apple Pie and See the World
If you need to build a fun geography study for little ones, this is a great starting point! ($3.35)

How to Make a Cherry Pie and See the U.S.A.
And if you’d like to study the U.S., here’s a fun picture book to help you get started. ($3.35)

Billy and Blaze
Such a great story about a young boy and his horse. There’s an entire series of illustrated books about Billy and his horse Blaze. They are favorites at our house. ($3.47)

The Courage of Sarah Noble
This is a great pioneer story – and it’s a true story of a young girl’s bravery as she travels into the wilderness with her father. ($2.60)

In the Year of the Boar and Jackie Robinson
This has been on my reading list! It’s the story of an immigrant girl who is inspired by the all-American sport of baseball. ($2.99)

What happens when a boy decides to create a new name for a pen and his idea spreads across the country? This is a fun read! ($3.49)

Magic Marks the Spot
Read about a young girl whose application to join the Very Nearly Honorable League of pirates is initially denied. It’s full of action, fun, and a talking gargoyle. My kids love this series! ($3.03)

The Terror of the Southlands
Book 2 in this fun series is also on sale right now. It continues with the pirating adventures and is just as full of fun as the first book. ($3.03)

Twenty and Ten
If you’re studying modern history and WWII, this is a great book to add into your studies! You’ll learn details about the war without the content being too heavy for elementary kids. ($3.03)

Here’s a sweet dog story (that isn’t too sad). My kids enjoyed the story of Shiloh and the boy would fought tirelessly to take care of him. ($3.47)

No Flying in the House
Read about the adventures of a little girl who learns she’s not an ordinary girl, but instead is half fairy. ($2.99)

Swiss Family Robinson
Don’t miss this chance to add a classic to your bookshelves! This is a fun book of island adventure and it’s more than half off. ($2.60)

The New Kid at School
This is a wonderful series for a child who is branching out into reading easy chapter books independently. A young boy adventures off to Dragon Slayers Academy to become a knight. ($2.67)

Twice Upon a Time
This is a fractured fairy-tale that is filled with mermaids, pirates, and adventure. It’s the second book in a trilogy and is a much-enjoyed series at my house! ($3.47)

Ella Enchanted
You may have seen the movie but you really should read the book. It’s by one of our favorite authors. ($3.49)

The Chocolate Touch
What would you do if everything you touched turned into chocolate? One boy must face that challenge in this hilarious chapter book. It’s one of our favorites. ($3.03)

The Mouse and the Motorcycle
While we enjoy all the Beverly Cleary books, this series about an adventuresome mouse is our favorite! ($3.49)

Stuart Little
This is a children’s classic, so don’t skip reading it! It’s fun to read the book and then compare it to the movie. ($3.03)

Pickles to Pittsburgh
This is the sequel to Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. It’s just as funny as the original. ($3.03)

The Little Island
A classic picture book about a lonely island written by the same author who wrote Goodnight Moon and The Runaway Bunny. ($3.49)

The Wishing Spell
My 11-year-old has read every book in this series. It’s one of her favorites. Now my son is reading them and he enjoys them as well. Such a fun series! ($4.13)

I’ve had this book on my wishlist for my oldest. It sounds like a fun adventure story! ($3.99)

The Tale of Despereaux
Kate DiCamillo is one of our current favorite authors. This book about a tiny, courageous mouse is such a great read. We’ve read it twice! ($3.99)

Story’s End
This is a book two of a very fun fantasy series! ($3.99)

This is a very popular author and sadly I don’t think we’ve read any books by him. This book (as well as several others) have been on my wishlist. We’ll be reading this one soon! ($3.03)

Poppy’s Return
The next book in this series about forest animals is also on sale! ($3.03)

Poppy and Rye
Another book in this fun series is also on sale. ($3.03)

The Bear’s on Hemlock Mountain
This one is a classic story about a boy who travels over a mountain to visit family – but are there bears on Hemlock Mountain? He’s afraid of what he might find in the woods. ($2.49)

The Matchlock Gun
This is a wonderful addition to your home library for early American history. One of the recommended Sonlight history books. ($2.98)

The 4th of July Story
This is such a beautifully illustrated book about the historical events surrounding the 4th of July. ($3.47)

Caddie Woodlawn
I think we enjoy this book more than the Little House series. It’s about a spunky pioneer girl and her adventures in the early days of America. ($3.49)

Ben and Me
Such a cute book! The story of Benjamin Franklin as told by a mouse. Great for history studies. ($3.96)

Hands Free Mama
If you need a book to help you battle distractions and refocus for the year, this is the one. It’s so challenging and will change how you view your daily activities. At 60% off, it’s worth adding to your shelf! ($7.58)

Living Well Spending Less
I love reading her blog and I’ve been wanting to read her book! Now that it’s on sale I’m grabbing a digital copy. ($1.99)

Missional Motherhood
Oh I’ve been wanting to read this book about motherhood after several friends told me how wonderful it was. I snagged in while it was on sale! ($3.99)

Treasuring Christ When Your Hands Are Full
I’m currently reading this one and it’s so convicting but also so encouraging. You just might want to read this one for a dose of momma encouragement. ($3.99)

Lizzy and Jane
If you need some fiction to add to your reading list, try this book by an author that has become one of my favorites. I’ve read her other books and greatly enjoyed them. Can’t wait to read this one! ($1.99)

Women Living Well
This is an encouraging and uplifting book. Definitely add it to your reading list for some spiritual refocusing. ($1.99)

Women are Scary
If you are trying to navigate the waters of friendships with other women, this is a funny and insightful read. ($1.99)

Just Show Up
A book all about walking through grief with others. I’ve read the previous book by this author. It was wonderful and heartbreaking. ($1.99)