About Me

Hi! I’m Lexi and welcome to Lextin Eclectic!

You need to know that this isn’t your average homeschool blog.

It’s for for the eclectic home educator who wants more for the homeschool journey.

Ohh, you say you fit the mold of a specific type of homeschooler? Well, I’m going to show you how you’re actually eclectic at heart.

While my blog started out simply to record our homeschool adventures, it has morphed into a collection of resources bridging curriculum and planning with a realistic glimpse into life as a home educator. Here you’ll find insightful product reviews, a redefining of schedules, and helpful homeschooling tips.

And I’ll share the secrets I’ve discovered along the way:

Homeschool Secret #1: As a home educator, you’re probably eclectic in your approach.

Yes, it’s true.

So, if you’re looking for encouragement, reading inspiration, curriculum reviews, and organization tips for this rather wild ride of home education, then you’re in the right place.

I’d recommend that you start exploring right here:

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A little bit about me…

  • I’m a homeschool graduate–turned home educating mother of seven who lives in central Indiana. I don’t have much spare time, but when I do you’ll usually find me reading by the fire in fuzzy socks or baking allergy-safe treats for my kids. I adore snowy days and abundant amounts of chocolate.
  • I absolutely love researching curriculum, and you’ll see that I’ve amassed quite an impressive collection. I might be a bit of a hoarder. Well, it’s really to your benefit, as I share honest reviews of various products, helping you narrow down your choices and find options that best fit your homeschool dynamic.
  • I’m also a bit Type A; some of my favorite topics are organization and planning. I have created a colorful organization and scheduling method that helps structure our days – and I hope some of my tips can help you find a rhythm and routine for your own homeschool.
  • As the wife of a professor, I also do some fun and informal research through brief surveys. I want to hear from you – your challenges, your successes, your mistakes, and your favorite curricula. This homeschool thing is best lived out in community, so I hope we can encourage and inspire one another as we educate our ourselves and our children.
  • Another fact: I adore books. And I’m raising the next generation of bookworms in my six children. I’m on a first-name basis with my mailman who delivers boxes of books to my door. My bookshelves are now filled-to-bursting and I love sharing about all the wonderful literary finds to help expand your reading repertoire.

The story behind Lextin Eclectic…

It all started with a bright teal door.

You see, not long after moving to our new state of Indiana I had the opportunity to attend a homeschool convention in the place that I had called home for several years – Texas.

While I enjoyed a relaxing weekend alone, my husband manned the homestead with our five children (since that day we’ve added another sweet student).

When I came back to our new house I was refreshed and ready to organize my new homeschool space, but I was not prepared for what came next. My husband and children had decided to surprise me by adding a bright teal barn door to my room.

Honest moment: I don’t handle surprises well. I like old habits and regular routines.

A bright teal door was a bit of a shock. But even more shocking – I immediately fell in love with the door. And that bold color taught me a little bit about myself.

I’m not actually the classical homeschool mom that I thought I was. No, underneath my structure and routines, I have a little bit of a rebel streak. I like to forge my own path. I’m varied and diverse. Eclectic. Yes, that’s the perfect word to describe me.

As you join me here at Lextin Eclectic, I think you might discover that you’re a little bit eclectic as well. So, stay a while as we explore resources and evaluate our home education journeys together.