Art Resources for Homeschoolers

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When I hear the word “art,” I tend to cringe. And when someone says “crafts,” I always run the opposite direction.

However, my kids enjoy art and they sometimes like making crafts.

But I am anti-crafty and not at all artsty.

So, what’s an art-challenged homeschool mom to do? Find the best resources to enjoy and appreciate art in your homeschool.

In this list, you’ll find lots of options to help you incorporate art into your homeschool. Most are relatively painless. Trust me, I’ve tried many of them and I’ve survived.


Artistic Pursuits

Kohl Books

Harmony Fine Arts

Deep Space Sparkle

The Book of Crafts from Memoria Press

ArtHub on YouTube

The Crafty Classroom

Kinder Art

Masterpiece Society

Mike’s Inspiration Station

Home Art Studio

See the Light Art

Living Art Lessons

You Are An Artist

Kitchen Table Classroom

Meet the Masters

World’s Greatest Artists from Confessions of a Homeschooler

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Gift Guide for the Artsy Crafty Kid

The Best Art Supply

Artistic Pursuits

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