3 Homeschool Myths Exposed

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Last week I debunked 4 surprisingly common homeschool myths.

Today we’re going to tackle 3 more myths that cripple many homeschool parents.

These strike fear into a homeschool mom’s heart and leave her feeling inadequate. These 3 myths are often the reason that homeschooling families throw in the towel and quit.

Have you ever had a homeschool mom guilt trip? These 3 myths often are the cause.

We fear that our kids are missing out on something special that can only be found in a school setting.

Let’s face those fears right in the face and expose these 3 homeschool myths for what they are.

You can homeschool. Your homeschool can succeed. Your children can thrive.

My child will not have social skills.

For those of us who attended school in our youth, we all remember those classmates who were a bit awkward and struggled with social skills. Amazingly, being in school did not solve dilemma.

Some children struggle more with social skills and social interactions. The schooling situation does not necessarily change this fact.

As parents, we can work to help our kids understand how to relate to others. Because we’re home with our kids each day, we have a unique position to focus on their character development and train them to respond to others with kindness, grace, and compassion.

These things are not taught in a curriculum. No. Our kids learn these things by example.

This means that as the homeschool parent, you are the example who models social graces and Godly character. And that’s why homeschooling is so humbling.

So, grab your Bible and walk with Jesus as you model the correct way to interact with others. Your kids will be following in your footsteps.

They cannot play sports or instruments.

Homeschooled kids can participate in a variety of amazing extracurricular activities from sports, to debate, to theater, to music, to service organizations.

In some states, homeschoolers can participate in public school activities, but be sure and understand all the guidelines for participating. Some schools require daily attendance of at least one class or they require year-end testing at the public school.

If you choose another route for your child, or don’t want to jump through hoops to participate in public school activities, then look into homeschool specific organizations. There are also club activities. And some private schools welcome homeschoolers to participate on teams or in clubs.

There are many resources available to homeschoolers. But it does take time to research all the options and find what works best.

Yes, there is usually an expense involved.

But let me remind you, that public school sports and activities are not truly free either.

So, while it might be a little more difficult to find the resources to allow your child to participate in extracurriculars, there are many opportunities available to homeschoolers outside of the public schools.

They can’t get into college.

Actually, many colleges actively recruit homeschoolers. Some have specific admissions counselors that work solely with homeschool graduates.

Homeschoolers are able to pursue college, internships, apprenticeships, and career opportunities.

It is true that a few colleges and some companies might discriminate against a homeschool graduate on the basis of a parent-issued transcript and diploma. But this has been rapidly changing and most organizations welcome homeschoolers.

Homeschool parents must follow state laws and should keep careful records. This will help ensure success and acceptance to colleges or other organizations.

But, don’t jump ship in the high school years, because you think homeschoolers are at a disadvantage when it comes to college and career.

Statistics show that homeschoolers do well after graduating from their homeschool and pursuing their college or career aspirations.

Take a deep breath. You can homeschool with confidence.

We all struggle with many of these fears. We all feel inadequate. We face doubts and feel guilty that we’re not doing enough or that we’re not the right person for this job.

Rest assured that if you are called to homeschool, then God equips you for that calling.

God’s got this. You can follow His leadings and overcome these myths with the truth.

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