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Yes I teach Latin in my homeschool!

Or more accurately, I learn Latin alongside my children in our homeschool.

Why do we learn Latin?

  • It increases vocabulary.
  • It is a great exercise in logical thinking.
  • It makes learning other languages (especially the Romance languages) easier.
  • It helps with understanding English grammar.

For several years I used the curriculum from Classical Academic Press.

But as we progressed into later levels, I decided to make a change.

I didn’t feel my kids were retaining and understanding the Latin very well. I was also disappointed that the books were being redone and I would need to buy the complete courses again now that my other kids were ready for those levels of Latin for Children.

So I took the leap and changed our approach to Latin.

After using Song School Latin 1 and 2 as a foundation, we decided to try the products from Memoria Press since they receive such excellent reviews.

I had always avoided trying these products because they looked dry and a little…dare I say it? Boring.

But after using this program for 2 years, we love it!

We’ve used Prima Latina, Latina Christiana, First Form Latin 1, and First Form Latin 2.

When combined with the DVD’s, flashcards, and workbooks, my kids are making excellent progress in Latin. And learning Latin hasn’t been too painful or time consuming.

I actually love the simplicity of the workbooks. They are straight-forward, uncluttered, and the explanations are clear.

My oldest daughter said that these books helped her really understand Latin and the different declensions and conjugations.

My younger children have enjoyed the lower level of this program as well.

And I have a better understanding of Latin after going through these books with them.

The program starts out simply and slowly builds on itself in a very logical way.

The flashcards are invaluable and we spend a few minutes at the beginning of our school time reviewing a small stack of the cards each day.

The DVD’s and CD’s help with pronunciation and contain excellent explanations for the Latin concepts.

I won’t say the DVD’s are very exciting, but they are thorough and my kids learn so much from them.

Memoria Press Latin is a win! It’s simple, user-friendly, clear, and in-depth without being overwhelming.

We’ll be sticking with this program for years to come!

Disclaimer: This review contains my honest opinion. I purchased this curriculum for use with my children. I was not compensated in any way for this review.

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