Book List for 8th Grade

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When planning for a new school year, my favorite task is to create a book list for my children.

I can readily admit that I have a bit of a book problem.

We’re all huge book worms at our house.

I’m never quite satisfied with the lists curated by the various curriculum companies. Therefore, I spend hours poring over read lists and book reviews.

After hours of work, I have a complete book list that encompasses multiple genres such as poetry, historical fiction, biographies, non fiction, and classics.

I’m excited about our book list for 8th grade as it includes many books that I’ve never read myself. I think I’ll be joining in on reading many of the choices for this year.

Enjoy our giant book list for 8th grade!

Out of Wonder

Poetry for Young People Maya Angelou

Imperfect: Poems about Mistakes

Minty: Story of a Young Harriett Tubman

Angelo by Macaulay

Minn of the Mississippi

The Wall by Bunting

The Amazing Impossible Erie Canal

Presenting Buffalo Bill

Amelia Lost

Up from Slavery

The Boys Who Challenged Hitler

Calico Captive

Out of the Dust

It’s a Jungle Out There

Around the World in 80 Days

Gulliver’s Travels

The Last of the Mohicans

Eight Cousins

National Velvet

Samurai Rising

Listen Slowly

The Year of Impossible Goodbyes

Angel on the Square

The Endless Steppe

The Singing Tree

Son of Charlemagne

Theras and His Town

The Ides of April

Blue Birds

The Hidden Treasure of Glaston

I, Juan de Pareja

The Shakespeare Stealer

The Silver Branch

Betsy and the Emperor

The Watson’s Go to Birmingham

The Egypt Game

Fly by Night

The Magic Mirror

The Great Hibernation

The Star Thief

Banner in the Sky

The Unlikely Story of a Pig in the City

The Maze Runner


Because of Mr. Terupt

Cold Case Christianity

The Bible Jesus Read

Hideout by Key

Things Not Seen

When You Reach Me

Surviving the Applewhites

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