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I have a wild and precocious preschooler who talks a mile a minute and has quite an impressive vocabulary. She can count, sing her ABC’s, recognize numbers and letters, name shapes and colors, as well as cut, paste, glue, and draw.

She’s a busy little person who makes messes about 10 times her tiny little size. It’s a really good thing she’s so cute.

She was a toddler tornado who has turned into a wildly curious preschooler with a zest for life and learning.

It’s time to get my act together so I can stay ahead of her, because in her boredom she becomes destructive.

So, I have some plans for our preschool year.

And before everyone jumps into the comments to take me to task for planning a preschool curriculum…….

NO! You don’t have to do preschool.

You can let them play and let them explore. You can follow their natural curiosity.

Let them guide you.

And that’s all well and good. But when I was doing that, my house was an utter disaster and she painted my walls with nail polish and cut her own hair off.

Now I have preschool plans to keep her busy and help her feel more included during our school days.

So, stop telling me not to do preschool.

It’s absolutely appropriate to have preschool plans.

I give you permission to plan out all kinds of fun preschool activities and even follow a curriculum.

As long as both you and your preschooler are happy and thriving that way, then go on ahead.

I’ve chosen a few resources that we’ll use for our preschool year.

Please note that I don’t plan to finish any of these resources. We might only make it through a few lessons. We might repeat lessons many times over. We might do nothing but explore the mainpulatives. I have no idea what’s in store for my year with this child.

But I do know that I have a plan to have some structured activities and lessons for her – because that’s exactly what she asks me to do.

Here are the resources that I’m using for our preschool year (and probably for the next year or two as needed until we complete them).

The Good and the Beautiful Math K

The Good and the Beautiful Preschool Language Arts

Simply K from Master Books

She’ll also listen in to the stories from The World’s Story 1 and Adventures in Creation with her older siblings.

We’ll do lots of coloring and drawing and writing on marker boards. She’ll listen to wonderful picture books and lots of audiobooks. And she’ll continue to make lots of messes.

But I hope she feels more like a part of our homeschool day with her own work.

I think we’ll have a delightful year, moving at her pace and exploring different topics as long as her attention span lasts.

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