5th Grade Homeschool Curriculum

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I have a precocious 5th grader this year.

She is my artsy, creative, winsome, and compassionate child. She’s more interested in fairytales and far-off adventure lands. You’ll usually find her dancing around the house singing at the top of her lungs.

But this girl picks up things quickly, and because of her high reading level, she’s able to tackle quite of bit of advanced work and is also able to work independently.

Most of her school work is combined with her 6th grade brother. They are quite the pair. They’re the absolute best of friends and they challenge and encourage one another in school work, piano, and sports. I’ve found that I have the most success when they are able to work together.

Big brother is more advanced in math and often helps her out with her math. But little sis is a more advanced reader and speller and often lends a hand with her brother’s grammar and writing assignments.

So, with the exception of grammar, writing, and math they will be doing all the same books.  Here’s our lineup for 5th grade based on our trimester school plan:




As a group:


As a group:

She’s excited to be able to work with her brother this upcoming school year, and she’s also excited about being able to do many of her subjects more independently.

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