The Sticky Note Planning System

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I’ve blogged before about how little I plan for our homeschool year.


School teachers would be shocked!

I kind of almost wing it each week.


No, it’s not stressful at all. It’s actually incredibly efficient and time saving.


Let me share a little secret with you.

I have a wonderful little planning system that makes each day flow smoothly.

It’s my secret weapon, and you better believe it’s color coded!


This is my sticky note planning system.


Are you ready?


Before you dive in, you might want to read my post about how I plan for my school year.


Once this super simple planning session is done, then I get started with my sticky note system.

I buy these really amazing sticky tabs which stay on so much better than regular sticky notes. They also come in really fun colors!


Let’s get organized!


  • Step 1: Grab your first resource. Today I’m going to grab a math book.


  • Step 2: Get a green sticky tab and place it where you will begin to work for that week.

As the child works through the book, the tab is moved to where they ended and need to begin the next day.


  • Step 3: Get a red sticky tab and place it where you want to end working for that week.

Once the green sticky tab reaches the red tab, the child is done with that subject for the week. This is super motivating to encourage kids to work ahead. You’ve set a goal for that subject for each week.


  • Step 4: Choose a third color that is just for you. This sticky tab goes where you need to grade.

This tab is placed sticking out to the side of the book.

Whenever you’re ready to do some grading, you know exactly where you left off last time. No more flipping through books and notebooks to find your spot.

If you’re like me, you’re always a little behind in grading so this tab helps you quickly find your spot and gives you a great visual for how behind you actually are. This helps me prioritize what subjects I need to grade first (because oops! I got far behind).


  • Step 5: Let the child choose color number 4. This is the tab that indicates the pages to review.

This tab is placed sticking out to the side of the book as well.

After you finish grading, place this tab on the first page where the child needs to review the sections that you graded. The next day, you know exactly what you need to review with your child and what to correct.

Once you’ve reviewed with the child, you move this tab to the place where you will begin grading next time.

Or if you want the child to make corrections before checking in with you, it’s easy to find where to begin to review.

Then when you’re ready to re-check the work, you can quickly find this tab.


So, there it is! My sticky tab planning system.


I don’t write lesson plans at all. They’re a huge waste of time!

Instead, my books are a rainbow of sticky tabs – green and red for the starting and stopping points. Yellow for my color. And pink, purple, blue, and orange for each child’s color.


I save so much time! No more flipping back and forth through books and notebooks to find what I need to review and to find the pages that my kids need to correct.


This is my little color-coded planning hack!

Do you have any time-saving planning tips??


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