I Failed at Homeschooling

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I hope you can handle some serious honesty today.

Because this post is going to be very real.

I have to share how I failed at homeschooling.

I called my husband and I told him I was turning in my resignation. I was just. so. done.

Here’s how it happened:

We had actually been off to a great homeschool start.

I had chore charts, schedules, routines, and a wonderful plan. And most days things were getting done.

But after a few weeks I noticed a few major issues.

First, I had a nursing newborn so my time was very limited. With all the time spent nursing, a lot of things around the house were being neglected because I simply didn’t have enough time.

Also, I had a toddler who wrecked the house on a daily basis and required constant supervision.

It was becoming overwhelming and exhausting.

And let’s add to that:

I also had a child who was not doing things on the daily checklist. Major things were not getting done. And as much as I tried to check in, some things were getting overlooked for a few days.

Math? Just skip 3 days of it.

Piano? Skip a week of practicing.

Writing homework? Forget it.

Of course, this child still had time to play Legos and do other fun things during the day. School was not a priority.

And another child had picked up on this and was following suit. So now I had two kids who were skipping parts of school.

As much as I tried to spot check every subject every day, I wasn’t catching all of the things that were getting skipped until a day or two later.

Another child was completely bombing math assignments, quizzes, and tests. It was not pretty.

Yet another child was defiant during school and not getting things done.

One child was just not “getting it” in several subjects and school time was becoming frustrating for both of us.

Several of my children were approaching the chore chart as a mere suggestion. It was to the point where I couldn’t walk through the laundry room for the mountain of clothes.

Add all the drama and sibling disagreements on top and….well….it was too much.

I broke down in tears to my husband. My kids were not doing as well in school as I would like. I felt that some were really struggling. They weren’t following my instructions and weren’t obeying me. They were ignoring their lists and chore charts. There was a long list of things that were not getting done. And I could not keep up with everything on my own.

I had failed.

Thankfully, he was wise enough to let me cry for a minute as he listened. Then he took some action steps.

  • He had a long meeting with the kids. You might say that they were all sent to the principal’s office for the remainder of the evening.
  • Then he told me about their conversation and helped me implement some new plans in place to help make our day run more smoothly.

Now? Chores are getting done. School work gets turned in on time. My struggling child has had some breakthroughs because that child is putting more effort into school work. And the child who was bombing math finally had a lightbulb moment after days of reworking problems, watching explanation videos, and getting help from dad.

My homeschool continues on.

Have you been there? If you haven’t, know that you will be. It’s not fun to feel that your homeschool and household are collapsing.

If it happens, take some time off and prioritize, and get your husband in on the discussion. After several family strategy meetings, we’re back on track. Of course, we’ll fall apart several more times this school year, but at least I’ll know what to do next time.

You’ll fail. You’ll fall apart. But grace will glue you back together as you rely on a strength that is definitely not your own.

Lexi @ Lextin Eclectic

Deep breath! We all experience some homeschool failures from time to time. Learn from the experience and press forward. There is great blessing in this journey of homeschooling.

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