Favorite Series of My 9-Year-Old Girl

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Do your kids love series?

My kids love nothing more than discovering a new favorite book and then learning that it’s the beginning of a wonderful series.

They curl up with each sequel as if they are old friends.

Whenever they finish a book, they always ask, “Mom, are there more?”

I absolutely love helping them find new series, because it keeps them busy for a while and gives me a break from hunting down our next exciting read.

My 9-year-old girl is no different. She loves the familiarity that a good series brings. She likes the comfort of sticking closely to one author. And she picked out a few of her favorite series to share.

She’s a lover of all things pink, princess, and sparkly. So, you’ll find lots of cheerful, magical fantasy choices in her booklist.

The Wide Awake Princess Series

The Wizards of Once

Tuesdays at the Castle

The Unicorn Quest

Bliss Bakery Series

Finding Serendipity

Mr. Lemoncello’s Library

Poppy Pendle Series

Mrs. Smith’s Spy School for Girls

The Magic Misfits

The Unicorn Rescue Society

The Adventurer’s Guide

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