4th Grade Curriculum Choices

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It’s 4th grade take 3 here at Lextin Academy. 

This year I have a very precocious, dramatic, and sometimes argumentative 4th grader. She’s a little advanced, so she often jumps in with her older brother and does the same curriculum with him. It’s been so nice to combine them for a few subjects.

So, when I planned our year, I chose some curriculum for math and language arts that were specifically for her. Then I chose Latin, Spanish, science, and Bible that she could do alongside her brother. And then we do history together as a group with older and younger siblings.


Here are my curriculum choices for 4th grade – some are tried and true favorites and others are new to us.


Classical Academic Press Old Testament 1

My 4th grader and her older brother read the lessons to me and then work on the assignments together.



BJU Math 4

This is done independently and then I grade the assignments and tests. My daughter is enjoying being able to work on her own.

Math Mammoth 4

She does a few pages in this program each week for extra review and practice.



First Language Lessons 4

We spend about 10 minutes a day on grammar together and then she does some of the assignments on her own. It’s been fast and efficient.



All About Spelling 3 and 4

My 4th and 5th grader do these books together. I read out the words or sentences and they write them on whiteboards. It’s saving so much time to be able to do one spelling level with two kids!



Essentials in Writing 4

This is a DVD based program. My daughter watches the video each day and then works on assignments independently. Then we review her work together.

Writing with Ease 3

We have a lot of fun reading the story excerpts together and then discussing them. This is great narration and dictation practice (even if the dictation is very challenging!). I don’t plan to use the next and final level of Writing with Ease. Completing up through level 3 is plenty!



Spanish for Children

This is another subject that is combined with her older brother. They watch the DVD’s together and then I help them review and practice.



Memoria Press Prima Latina

This is her first year of Latin and she’s working on this program with her brother as well.



America’s Story 3 and The Fight for Freedom

We read these books together. Usually I read aloud from one of the chapters and then we create an outline of the section that we read. Each child copies the outline from the whiteboard to keep it in their notebook.

Veritas History

We watch this online during lunch. This year we are covering the middle ages. No, it doesn’t coincide with our other history but it’s a fun break from our regular studies and my kids love it!


BJU 4 and BJU 5

She is finishing up BJU science 4 with her brother and then they will work on Science 5 together.

Master Books Bugs and The Story of Inventions

These are extra books for fun based on her interests and her brother’s interests. They are both reading through these books independently.



Memoria Press 1

We do geography together. I read about one country and then we practice finding the countries on maps and talk about the various facts about the countries. We also practice the states and capitals each day.



She will work on a few logic books throughout the year. We love books from Prufrock Press and the Critical Thinking Company.

Connections Intermediate
Logic Liftoff
More Detective Club
Thinking Through Analogies



We read poetry together each day before we start working on school work. Here are the fun books that we read.

Falling Up
In a Pickle
New Kid on the Block

My 4th grade girl also has piano, swim team, Junior PGA golf, and Chinese. Of course, she also has a bunch of wonderful books to read during her independent reading time.

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