What It’s Like to Teach ESL Online and Homeschool

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Do you homeschool and work a part-time (or even full-time) job?

I do!!


For the past year, I have had the privilege of working from home. I get to make a little extra income on the side and I don’t ever have to leave my house.

And with the hours I work, it doesn’t interrupt my homeschool day.


I teach ESL online from home. And it’s so rewarding!


I’ve written a few other posts about how this works so be sure to start there.

But if you’d like to know what my day looks like with teaching ESL, keep reading!


Most companies are in China or parts of Asia, so the hours are early mornings or late at night.


I teach from 6-8:30 each morning. Sometimes I even push back my start time to 5 am to pick up a few extra classes.


Classes are 25 minutes – short and sweet. I hop into each class a minute early and then try to end as close to 25 minutes as possible. This gives me a couple minutes to write feedback to the parents of each student and have a little snack or some water.


I’ve learned a few tricks in my time teaching:


  • I shower the night before so I can simply wash my face and get right into class.
  • I wear some crazy bright lipstick when I teach – it helps the students see my mouth and it makes me look a whole lot more awake than I actually am!
  • I have great lighting so that I look bright and the lights help me stay awake.
  • I teach standing up so I can move around a lot with my students – I get some exercise and feel less sleepy.
  • I always eat a high protein snack before I teach.
  • I keep several water bottles nearby to stay hydrated.


And then I power through my early morning teaching hours!


Actually, before I start teaching I feed the baby and get her snuggled back in bed.

Then I walk a few steps to my master closet, turn on my lights and my fan, and start teaching!


During this time my older children are waking up and working on some independent school work. They do their online classes, read independently, and work on any work I assigned the day before.


Breakfast is always prepped the night before so they are able to put breakfast on the table by themselves.


My older children make sure the younger girls are awake and at the breakfast table and then they eat together while reviewing their Bible verses.


At this time, I’m done teaching and writing feedback for my classes. Then I’m able to head downstairs to join my crew.


I have a quick morning meeting with my oldest while I feed the baby. Then my Kindergartner snuggles on the couch with me and the baby while I read books to her.


Then it’s down stairs to the basement for school time. I work with each child individually as we do math, grammar, reading, and spelling.


Right before lunch we have a group school time.


At lunch we watch our history class and practice our Chinese lessons.


Then it’s back to school to finish up working with my 5th and 4th graders while the other kids finish up any homework.


We’re done by 2 o’clock which gives us time to prepare for our evening activities. I take kids to their swim practice (of course they all have slightly different practice schedules). This means I become the swim (or golf) taxi for the rest of the evening (both before and after dinner). My hubby and I shuttle kids back and forth to swim lessons or swim practice. It’s chaos!


At the high school where they swim we work on some school work or the kids do some reading when they’re not practicing.


Then it’s home for showers and audiobook time.


My husband helps get everyone to bed while I get the baby settled and prepare for a few evening classes.


By 9 or 9:30 I’m in my classroom ready to live stream into preschool and kindergarten classrooms in China.


I keep my teaching uniform (comfy shorts and a t-shirt with my name on it) hanging up near my desk. I do a quick change and get the classroom loaded.


After an evening workout of dancing around with classrooms of little Chinese students, I take a quick shower and get ready for bed.


Yes, it’s a bit crazy but the flexibility is wonderful. Teaching online fits around our homeschool and extra curricular schedule.


If you’d like more information about teaching online you can email me at TeacherLexiESL@gmail.com

You can also check out the 3 companies I work for below:



Orange Talk

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