5th Grade Curriculum Choices

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Time for round 2 of 5th grade!

I have a very different learner and my curriculum has changed slightly from my first time teaching 5th grade. But I’m so excited to be able to teach 5th grade again.

I find that this grade is when my kids start to become much more independent and their innate curiosity takes off, making them question and analyze everything. It’s so rewarding to watch them grapple with topics and come to their own conclusions.


What are we using for 5th grade take 2?



Classical Academic Press Old Testament 1

My 5th grade boy is working on this with his sister. I have them read the student guide aloud to me during the week. Great way to sneak some extra reading practice in! And then they work on the assignments and quizzes together.



BJU Math 5

I did a complete departure from what we have been using previously in math and went with an online program that is relatively independent. So far, it’s going well and I’m happy I made the switch for this year. I am loving all the facts practice in this program and it’s exactly what my son needs.

Mastering Essential Math 1

This is a supplement to our math program. It’s not something we do every day or even every week, but it’s great review!



Giggly Guide to Grammar

This is a fun laid back approach to grammar. However, I’m finding that my son has not retained much grammar from previous years which is causing me to rethink everything! We might even switch to something very incremental like Abeka Grammar. Crazy, I know!


All About Spelling 3 and 4

I’m determined to actually make some spelling progress this year since my son has become a very fluent reader this past year. Now, we will learn to spell too!



Essentials in Writing 4 and 5

Now that reading is going well, we’re going to add in some more writing and try to focus on putting all our language arts skills into learning to write some short essays. He’s enjoying the DVD lessons at least!



Spanish for Children A

He watches the DVD’s with his younger sister and they each have a workbook to do their lessons. We do this subject together so they can practice conversing with each other.



Prima Latina

I decided to switch to a different publisher and try a different Latin program this year. I started back at the beginning because I didn’t want to jump in at the middle and cause any frustration. So, he and his younger sister do this subject as well. This level is very simple and it’s been very low stress.



America’s Story 3 and The Fight for Freedom 

This is a subject we do all together, so all the kids are listening to me read these books aloud. Then we make an outline together and they copy it in their notebooks. Of course, we do some narrations too.

Hakim History

This year, he’ll start reading through this history series. I’m sure it will take him this year and most of next school year. But that’s ok. He’s going to read a little bit in these books each week.

Veritas History

For something a little extra, we watch Veritas history during our lunch time. The kids all love watching together and playing the games and answering the questions. We’re covering the middle ages because it was something my kids requested. So, yes, we are doing American history and the middle ages all at the same time! Why not?



BJU 4 and 5

He and his sister are finishing up BJU 4 together and then they will start BJU 5. They do these with the online program so they watch the teacher and work independently. They are learning so much and really enjoying it!

Master Books Bugs

This is a fun book I picked up that he is reading through on his own.

The Story of Inventions

He requested to learn more about inventions so he’s going to read through this book and any other fun book I find that focuses on inventions through history.



Memoria Press 1

We do this subject as a group and practice finding the countries on the map as we read about each one. I also quiz them on state and country capitals.



Fallacy Detective

We read through this book together and talk about the various fallacies. It’s a fun and relaxing intro to informal logic.

He also works through several other logic books on his own:

Orbiting with Logic
One Hour Mysteries
Balance Math and More
Mind Benders Book 5



We read poetry together each day and he’ll also write some of his own original poems this year.

Pizza, Pigs, and Poetry
A Child’s Introduction to Poetry
Spot the Plot
Whisper and Shout 


That’s our line up for 5th grade! Of course we have extracurriculars such as AWANA, piano, swim team, Chinese, and Junior PGA Golf (regular team plus travel team). And I also add lots of books and audiobooks and some game design on the computer. He’ll be busy busy, but I think it will be a fun year.


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