7th Grade Curriculum Choices

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After much debate and deliberation (and dragging my oldest child to a homeschool convention with me), I did it! I chose our curriculum for 7th grade.

And I still can’t believe we’re doing the middle school thing. High school is coming soon!

Here are our curriculum choices for our 2018-2019 school year.

Take note that there are a couple of high school credit courses listed as part of our studies. Yes, we’re going to earn a few high school credits each year in middle school. I have several reasons why we’re starting on high school early. Be watching for a middle school and high school planning series coming to the blog.

Until then, enjoy our curriculum picks!


The Most Important Thing

Over the next few years we’ll be going through the entire Bible with this Bible study program. This author was recommended by a friend and I’m so excited to try it.


BJU Pre-Algebra Online

We’ve diving in to pre-algebra this year. Here’s to hoping that we both understand it! I’m thankful for the online lessons with this program.

Mastering Essential Math Pre-Algebra

This program is our extra practice and review. I’m hoping that Curly is well-prepared for algebra next year.


Grammar for the Well-Trained Mind

We’re still working on this book from last year. It is incredibly in-depth and much harder than any grammar book I remember doing…ever…in my life. So it’s going to take time to complete this one. I’m not quite sure what we will do after this program – whether we will get book 2 once it’s published or try something else. I have found this book to be very thorough but pretty tedious.


All About Spelling 7

We’ve made it to the last level of All About Spelling! I’m hoping that after we complete this level that Curly is feeling more confident in her spelling abilities. We’ll continue to practice spelling through our writing program as I edit her papers. We may also do some dictation to keep working on spelling skills.


Master Books American Literature

This program is actually a high school program. Curly has wanted to earn a few high school credits this year so we chose literature as one of our high school subjects. Because Curly is such a strong reader and loves to read, we thought this would be a perfect choice for her. We’ll see how our year goes and this program may take us longer than 1 year as we dive into all the wonderful literature selections.


Essentials in Writing 9

Here’s another high school course in our line-up. Curly loves to write so we’re focusing on constructing well-written paragraphs and putting together essays and a research paper.


BJU Spanish 1 Online

Curly has taken many years of Spanish and now is ready to start working toward credit in foreign language. I plan to supplement this program with Spanish videos and podcasts to improve her listening skills.


1st Form Latin

We made the switch from Classical Academic Press Latin and Curly is very excited about this new program. The uncluttered layout and the concise instruction are two reasons why I wanted to make the change. This program seemed more straightforward. I decided to have her start with book 1 so she would have enough review before moving into 2nd Form Latin.


Word Roots 1

Each year we work on building vocabulary through this series. It’s very independent and doesn’t take much time to complete. And I find that these new words appear in Curly’s writing throughout the year. It’s been exciting to watch her vocabulary grow and her writing improve.


Art of Argument

We’re moving toward a more formal study of logic this year after doing lots of fun logic books and puzzle books in past years. I’m a little nervous to study something that I’ve never studied in the past, but I think it will be fun to learn together.


Master Books American History

This is another high school level course that will go well with our literature studies. This program has quite a bit of reading and writing, but I think Curly will rise to the challenge.

Hakim History

Curly will finish reading this history series as a supplement to our American history studies.

Great Courses American History

As a family, we’ll watch this series about American history as well as some Liberty Kids (for the little ones).


BJU Earth Science Online

Curly is finishing up BJU Life Science and will move into their next course. She has loved the online science program through BJU and I have been amazed at how much she retains from each course.

Tiner Planet Earth

This will be a supplement to our Earth Science course. Curly will be reading this independently. She has enjoyed another book in this series so she’s looking forward to this one as well.

Aristotle Leads the Way

I added this living science book into our lineup simply because I thought it sounded interesting. Curly has already begun reading it and is enjoying the story so far.


Poetry for Young People Walt Whitman

Poetry for Young People Langston Hughes

National Geographic Book of Nature Poetry

I always add a few poetry books to our curriculum plan. These are books that we read together and enjoy discussing. We usually start our homeschool time with a few poems. It’s a restful and fun way to start our school day.


I’m excited for a great year filled with lots of independent learning! And I plan to grab a few of these books and resources and read them myself!


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