Why Homeschooling is Better

Sometimes I get discouraged in this homeschool journey.


Let’s just be real.

Homeschooling is so hard. I dream about some time to myself and some freedom to do what I want to do.


For once I’d like to have a quiet house that actually stays somewhat clean.

I want to be able to go to the gym and run errands on my own.

That yellow school bus looks so appealing on many days.


Occasionally I find myself thinking that it would just be easier and possibly even better if I sent my kids to school.


Surely their teacher would be more inspiring and patient than I could ever be.

Maybe they would make wonderful life-long friendships with other kids that they might not otherwise meet.


Wouldn’t sending my kids to school be the better option?


On the days that my thoughts wander down this road I have to remind myself that homeschooling is better for our family for so many reasons.


  • I don’t have to make bento style lunches.
  • I don’t have to come up with creative notes or cartoons for the lunchbox.
  • There’s no mom competition about trying to pack the healthiest and most creative lunch.
  • I don’t have to spend hours watching YouTube tutorials so my girls have the most creative hairstyles.
  • There are no long school supply lists with ridiculously specific requirements.
  • Back to school shopping consists only of buying new pj’s.
  • I set the dress code and determine our school uniform.
  • I can skip the pick-up line drama with the other mamas.
  • I don’t have to get dressed if I don’t want to.
  • I don’t need to supply snacks or help decorate for class parties.
  • There’s no home-room mom competition. I’m my own home-room mom!
  • I don’t have to bring in snacks for bake sales and school events.
  • I can miss out on all the PTA drama and all the fundraisers.
  • I don’t have to run to Walmart to find crazy socks or glitter hair spray for all those crazy theme days.
  • I don’t have to complete giant projects and poster board displays.
  • There is no makeup work for sick days. We simply pick up where we left off on our last school day.
  • We can complete our school work during the day so our evenings are free to spend together as a family.
  • If I think an assignment is busy work or a waste of time, I can skip it entirely!
  • I don’t have to research crafty teacher gift ideas on Pinterest to outdo all the other mothers.


So those are just a few of the (slightly) funny and sarcastic reasons why sending our kids to school is not a good choice for us.


Overall, homeschooling gives us so much time and flexibility that it is the best option for us.

I love that I can spend time with my kids each day, tailor our learning to their interests, find new ways to inspire and challenge them, and still allow them lots of extra play time throughout our day.


I find that on my difficult days when I’m tired and discouraged about our homeschooling journey, it helps me to remind myself of all the lighthearted reasons why homeschooling is better.


Besides, I’d rather spend my time just simply being with my children than worrying about coming up with new ideas for the bento lunch box or searching for the perfect idea for crazy hair day.


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