Create a Homeschool Mission Statement and Mantra

Have you written your homeschool mission statement?


If not, now is the perfect time to grab a pencil and paper and start making some notes.


And to make things even easier for you, I’ve created a downloadable workbook to help you walk through the steps to creating a mission statement and a mantra. You can download it below!


This mission statement is your purpose and reason for homeschooling. It can help you get through the hard days when you just don’t want to continue homeschooling any longer.


And trust me, you will have several days when you want to give up. However, if you have written out your reasons for homeschooling, you can reorient your homeschool and press forward toward the goals you have outlined for success.


It’s basically a little pep talk that you can give yourself for when the days are difficult.


So, let’s write your mission statement.


  • First, jot down all your reasons for homeschooling. Why did you begin this crazy adventure in the first place? Your reasons may have changed since you began, but go ahead and write down each reason.

Do you homeschool for academic, social, religious, or safety reasons? What motivated you to start homeschooling?


  • Then go through and prioritize those reasons. Number them from the most important to the least important.


  • Once you’ve ranked your reasons in order of importance, take some time to brainstorm what success looks like for your homeschool.

What are your ultimate goals for your students? What skills do you want your children to have by the time they graduate and leave home? What values do you want them to acquire and live out in their daily lives? Then write it all down.


  • And of course, now you need to prioritize those goals. Go ahead and number them again!


  • Now that you have two lists of thoughts, read back over it and circle all the words that stand out the most to you.


Use those words to help guide your mission statement.


It doesn’t need to be long or fancy but it needs to embody why and how you homeschool. On the days when you want to give up, you can pull out your mission statement and motivate yourself to keep pressing forward.

Here’s the mission statement for our homeschool:


DiscipleTo disciple our children according to Scripture, applying Scriptural truths to daily life and maintaining family worship times. 

UnderstandTo understand the world through a Godly perspective with a focus on Biblical worldview.

ChallengeTo challenge our children to be self-motivated learners and to continually question the world around them.

AchieveTo achieve the strong foundation of an excellent education, incorporating academics and the arts.

TrainTo train our children with an emphasis on Biblical truths, moral values, and strong character.

EnjoyTo enjoy each step of the journey; the family time, the discoveries, and even the mess.



I’m going to tell you a little secret. I can’t remember my mission statement off the top of my head and I don’t refer to it often enough. Instead, I’ve developed a couple of simple homeschool mantras that help me get through each day.


I’ve found that a homeschool mantra is more memorable – it’s easier to remember in the moments I need it. Therefore, I’ve found that having a mantra or two is more beneficial to my homeschool.


I took a few ideas from my mission statement and created two mantras.


Here’s my first mantra:


Cultivate a Love of Learning


On days when I’m tired and grouchy and don’t want to homeschool, I say this mantra to myself. When my kids have asked the “why” question for the millionth time, I say my mantra to remember why I’m doing this.


I want my kids to know how to learn and to love finding new information and new ideas. I want them to understand that learning is a life long pursuit and can become a passion. I want to raise children who are curious and relentless in pursuing their interests.


This is my other mantra:


Equip; Empower; Disciple


My goal in our homeschool is to equip my children to be successful adults – with the skills and knowledge necessary to make wise decisions. I also want to empower them, especially at times when learning is challenging and they feel discouraged and frustrated.

I’m here to cheer them on and give them the tools they need to be successful. And above all else, I want to disciple them and share my faith with them. I want to reach their hearts and build a close relationship, teaching them about good character and wise decision-making.


These two mantras embody my main reasons for homeschooling. They are quick reminders of why I’m continuing on the homeschool journey. I recite them to myself to refocus my days when I’m feeling tired or discouraged.

Once you’ve created your mission statement and mantra with my free workbook, then you need a spot to write it down along with all your other homeschool records for the school year. I’ve created a Homeschool Record Keeping Notebook to help you stay organized this school year.


Should you have a mission statement or a mantra for your homeschool?


I think you should have both. Your mission statement is encompasses all your reasons and goals for homeschooling, while you mantras are just quick little reminders that you can say throughout your homeschool day to help you press forward. Both are beneficial on days when you want to give up.


This summer take some time to refocus and plan for a new year. Craft your mission statement and then simplify it into short mantras.


You can download my homeschool business plan workbook to help guide you as you create a mission statement and mantra.


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6 thoughts on “Create a Homeschool Mission Statement and Mantra

    1. You’re welcome! I do think it’s really helpful. There will be challenging days so it’s best to prepare for them. Of course, there will be wonderful and amazing days too.

  1. I read your take on homeschooling without a co-op. Wow! What a great article! I needed that encouragement, seriously.
    We recently left our co-op after being members since 2013. We ripped our kids out of the co-ops basketball since they were benched anyway!
    As a co-op teacher I gave my all and I gave my best to which it all felt unappreciated.
    I saw this year as a waste but it actually was a great learning experience!
    For the first time in my life I have a new year’s resolution, to homeschool without co-op and I feel great about it! I have peace!
    I look forward to your newsletters and library list for our clan of four homeschoolers!
    Thank you for that article, it is a blessing to me!

    1. I am so glad this post helped you. I have found that co-ops don’t work for my family. Yet, whenever I tell someone that we homeschool they immediately ask about a co-op. I have always felt pressured to join one. But now I’ve found what works for my family and we homeschool happily without a co-op – and things are going well. Enjoy your new homeschool journey without a co-op. I’m sure you will find many other fun opportunities for your family. We enjoy lots of field trips and flexibility in our schedule since we are not tied to a co-op schedule and I don’t have to prep lessons to teach each week.

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