Summer Reading for My Rising 6th Grader

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It’s almost summer time, which means that summer reading programs are about to begin.

Instead of participating in lots of different programs, we usually host our own family reading challenge that goes all year long – and you can read more about that right here.


For our summer reading I try to find lots of fun books.

Yes, my kids sometimes read twaddle. Sorry Charlotte Mason!


If you’re looking for some good reading ideas for your rising middle schooler, here’s my list!

Space Case

Solve a mystery on the moon! Dash is one of the only kids living on the moon base on the moon’s surface. When the head scientist winds up dead, it’s up to him to unravel the clues and solve the mystery.

Pennyroyal Academy

Young Evie enrolls in Pennyroyal Academy, a place where princes and princesses are trained to fight against the evil witches and dragons. Through the training process and the battles, she learns more about herself, her family history, and the importance of compassion.

All Four Stars

Meet the world’s youngest restaurant critic, Gladys Gatsby. After a fire in her kitchen while making creme brulee, she is banned from cooking. Thankfully she soon lands a new job that keeps her in the foodie world, but she must keep her identity a closely-guarded secret.

The Girl Who Drank the Moon

Each year residents of a village leave a baby in the forest as an offering to keep their homes safe from the witch who lives deep in the forest. What they don’t know is that the witch is actually kind, taking the babies to find new families while nourishing them on starlight. However, one year the witch accidentally feeds one child moonlight, giving her extraordinary magical powers.

The Secret Keepers

When a young boy find an antique watch with a dark secret, he is launched into an adventure between good and evil, battling a sly and tricky villain named The Smoke.

Serafina and the Black Cloak

An enchanting mystery set at the Biltmore Estate. When children begin disappearing from the estate, young Serafina must work with her friend Braeden to solve a dark mystery.

Nooks and Crannies

This story is a cross between a Roald Dahl book and the game of Clue. The children begin to disappear one by one and young Tabitha must investigate the mansion for secrets in order to save them.

The Girl Who Could Fly

Piper McCloud is a young girl with an extraordinary power – she can fly. The townspeople are afraid of her and her ma is at her wit’s end, so Piper is sent away to a boarding school for children with exceptional abilities.

The Shadows

Olive and her family move into a crumbling and creepy mansion, and when she meets three talking cats she’s convinced that the mansion is magical. Next she uncovers a pair of spectacles that allow her to travel inside the mansion’s paintings to a land that is even more creepy and sinister than the mansion itself.

The Apothecary

Benjamin, the son of a local apothecary dreams of being a spy. His skills are put to the test when he must uncover secrets in the apothecary’s sacred book while keeping it out of the hands of the Russians.

Al Capone Does My Shirts

Moose’s family moves to Alcatraz Island when his father gets a new job as the prison warden there. While living on the island, Moose must take care of his autistic sister whose behavior often lands the siblings in trouble.

The Book of Three

Follow the adventures of Taran, the pig keeper, who dreams of becoming a hero. The book is full of colorful characters that help Taran on his quest as he fights against the forces of evil.


So, I think we have a fun summer of great books planned.

What’s on your reading list this summer?

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    1. Thanks! I agree. I think my kids should read for enjoyment – fun fantasy, silly stories, spooky mysteries. Not everything has to be a classic or an award winning book.

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