Evaluating Your Homeschool Identity

Before I jump into my new blog series, I want to officially welcome you to my redesigned blog!

I worked with a fabulous designer to beautify and cut through some of the clutter and I’ve been working behind the scenes to get everything ready. I’m finally feeling like most of the major things are done! Whew! This redesign was long overdue. I hope you love it as much as I do!

And if you’re new here, don’t worry, you didn’t miss much by not seeing the old, cluttered design. I don’t miss it one bit!


As you glance around you’ll notice a few changes – new pictures, new sidebar, new menu categories, and a new name with a tagline……

Lextin Eclectic – Sharing the Secrets of Authentic Homeschooling


I’ve gone through a bit of an evaluation process to reflect on my homeschool which led me to the conclusion that I needed to make a few changes. If you think you might need to evaluate your homeschool and rediscover your identity, be sure to stop by every Monday for this 4-week series.  I hope you join me for a time of evaluation and discovery!

Now, let’s evaluate our homeschool identities!


To be able to tell you about the reason behind the new name, I’ll need to take a step back and share a little about last year.

Last year was filled with changes for our family. And during all these changes and transitions I found myself feeling a little lost in the shuffle. I stopped blogging for some time as I worked to discover balance in the midst of a very busy time. I was still homeschooling, but our homeschool experienced a shift.

You see, I’ve always considered myself a somewhat classical homeschooler. I had certain ways that I homeschooled with my schedule, routine, and curriculum choices. I had certain expectations for my little homeschool. I also had quite a long list of things I said I’d NEVER do in my homeschool. I had crammed homeschooling into a box of my own making. Suddenly, I was feeling very stuck.

When talking with my husband, or if I’m being completely transparent, crying to my husband over how exhausted and burnt out and discouraged I felt in our homeschool, he gently asked me some pointed questions. His insight changed how I viewed my homeschool identity. Immediately, I knew I needed to reprioritize and make sweeping changes.

Maybe you’ve felt the same way. When you started your homeschool journey you identified with a particular homeschool style or philosophy. Over the years you’ve experienced a gradual or even a sudden shift. Now you’re feeling slightly off-balance as if you don’t quite know who you are as a homeschool mom.


Does your homeschool look exactly like you had always envisioned it would? It’s likely that your answer is a resounding, “No.”

That’s my answer too.

But I’ve really struggled with it. I was feeling like a failure, because I’ve undergone many changes as a homeschool mom.

I needed to go through a time of reflection and reevaluation to find my new homeschool identity.


In next week’s post, I’ll share the questions my husband asked to help me reevaluate my homeschooling identity. They were very insightful and timely. I have a feeling that you might need to work through each of them as well. You will find yourself with a new perspective afterward.


And therein lies the reason behind the name change. After some introspection, I realized that I didn’t quite fit into any one specific homeschool category. My homeschool looks nothing like I had originally planned.

I’m eclectic in my homeschool philosophy and in my approach. So I’m choosing to embrace this realization. More about that in the upcoming weeks….

Are you masking your homeschool identity?


What else is new at the blog?

Surveys! Do you enjoy sharing your opinion? I love taking little surveys to share my thoughts and opinions. Well, you’ll find occasional surveys here. The responses will help direct my topics and will also be spotlighted in future posts. This homeschool thing shouldn’t be done alone. We’re a community of like-minded homeschool moms and we can learn so much from each other. So, click this link to participate in my surveys. I’m excited to read your results and conduct some unofficial research.


Come back every Monday for a continuation of this blog series – Evaluating Your Homeschool Identity. Next week I’ll share the questions that my husband posed to me when I was feeling a little lost and discouraged in my homeschool journey. I think they’ll help you refocus and emerge with a stronger homeschool identity.

And if you stop by on Thursdays, you’ll find glimpses into our homeschool, thoughts on curriculum, scheduling ideas, and other helpful homeschool secrets.


Have you ever experienced an identity crises on your homeschooling journey? Share some of your homeschooling challenges and struggles in the comments below.

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