Why the Workbox System Failed at My House


I really wanted to use the workbox system in our homeschool. 

I had wonderful drawers on each side of our large homeschool table. I planned how I would organize them. They would help my kids work independently, and they would help me use my own time more efficiently because I would be ready for each new homeschool day.

I had such high hopes. I tried so hard.

Yet, I failed miserably. Actually, I crashed and burned.

The workbox system does NOT work for me!


  • It was too hard to refill the drawers every single night. By the end of our homeschool day I did not want to think about anything else related to homeschooling. Filling the boxes daily was too much work for me. I wanted to spend my evening time reading or doing something other than prepping for another day.


  • It was too time consuming to print papers daily and put them in each drawer with all the needed supplies. I do not want to pull out glue bottles and construction paper and other supplies for each day.


  • I discovered that my kids don’t work well independently and would often need my help to get through their work. How much time did I save by doing this system? NONE. How much time did I spend refilling those drawers? A LOT.


  • This system quickly led to burnout for me. I printed papers, put together needed supplies, and stocked the drawers daily. This lasted for a few weeks before I quit in total frustration. I was absolutely burned out with spending my evenings prepping for the next homeschool day.


  • This system also created a mountain of loose papers and piles of supplies that never were put back in their proper places. I was losing things left and right.


So, I can admit that I failed with the workbox system.

I don’t enjoy trying to think through the next day’s activities and making sure all papers are printed and all needed supplies are removed from the cabinet and placed in drawers.
I don’t enjoy planning every detail for every single day in our homeschool.
My kids don’t want to work independently. (Apparently they are needy…)
I don’t want to spend my time searching for activities and creating those activities to keep them busy. When my kids aren’t working directly with me during school time, they are sent off to play in another room, not complete the various projects I’ve put together for them.

Yes, I’m a workbox system dropout.
However, I did find a way to hugely adapt the ideas behind this system to create a workable solution in our homeschool.

Look for my next blog post this week about how I organize my homeschool using drawers and notebooks. It’s my own adaptation of this system!

You can also read more about how I organize and plan for our homeschool in this post!

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