{Review} The Pencil Grip, Inc

We had the chance to review a set of pencil grips from The Pencil Grip, Inc. They are perfect for all ages and stages of handwriting ability. 

The Pencil Grip, Inc has a set of pencil grips to help with proper hand positioning to promote good handwriting and reduce hand cramps.
The set of pencil grips is part of a 3-Step Training Kit that contains 3 different types of grips. Students can progress through each level of grip as handwriting skills and hand control increases.

Crossover Grip
This is the largest grip in the set and has a large finger guard across the top to help kids keep their fingers in the correct position without “crossing over” the top of the grip.

Pinch Grip
This type of grip has a smaller top piece and can be used once a child has learned to keep fingers in the proper position. This grip is about writing comfort and control.

Original Grip
This grip is the most narrow of the 3 types and is used to help maintain a tripod grasp and prevent bad handwriting habits from forming.

These grips can be used by both righties and lefties.

How did we use the pencil grips?
None of my children use proper finger positioning when they write. They usually grip a pencil with two fingers on one side and the thumb on the other – or they even grasp the pencil in a fist-like position. As a result, their handwriting is very sloppy and their hand quickly tires when they are writing. I often have to remind them to hold the pencil properly. Unfortunately, they quickly forget my reminders and revert back to improper pencil grip.

When these grips arrived in the mail I hoped we had found a solution to our handwriting battles.

I started all of my kids with the crossover grip to help them break the habit of grasping the pencil in a fist and crossing their fingers over the top of the pencil rather than holding the pencil in a tripod position.

After a week or two of using the grips my kids were keeping their fingers in the correct place on the pencil and they were having better hand control while writing. Their handwriting started to improve and they no longer complained about hand cramps and aching fingers while writing.

I’m hoping that they can progress to the other smaller grips in the future once their proper hand positioning has become a comfortable habit.

I have also always struggled with proper pencil grip and I often grip a pencil too tightly, which makes my hand fatigue quickly while writing. I tried out the grips for myself and I love them! I used the original and pinch grip alternately and I found that my fingers were not getting stiff and tired while I was writing. These grips made writing much more comfortable.

I’ve put these grips on regular pencils, mechanical pencils, and pens. My house is full of writing utensils with colorful pencil grips on them. And as a result, we’ve had less complaining during writing time because our hands aren’t tired and cramping. 

Do you know the importance of proper pencil grip? The more I’ve been reading I’ve discovered that I should have focused more on proper positioning when teaching handwriting from the beginning. It would have been much easier to write comfortably from the beginning rather than unlearn bad writing habits. I’ll be using these grips for my younger kids as we begin to learn handwriting skills.

And as a side note: This company has also created Kwik Stix which is our new favorite way to paint – tempera paint in a non-messy stick that dries almost instantly. 

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