{Homeschool LOVE} Why We Love Audiobooks

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My husband asked me what I could not live without in our homeschool.

My answer?


We absolutely love audiobooks at our house. My kids can hear a favorite book multiple times or each listen to a different book with their individual iPods. I can enjoy knowing that their minds are full of wonderful literature, inspiring stories, or fun characters as they listen.

My favorite part of audiobooks is how they’ve changed our evening routine.

By 8 PM it’s room time at our house. All the kids go to their rooms with their iPods. They listen to an audiobook while they work on craft projects, build with blocks, play with cars, or color. This is their 30 minutes of quiet time before the lights go out.

They love this time and look forward to listening to their stories. However, they don’t realize that this evening time is really more about my sanity than the good literature. Mom (and Dad) both need a little down time after a busy day. Sometimes I even have time to blissfully read an entire chapter of a book for myself!

So, I love audiobooks for the quiet moments that they’ve given me, but I can list many other reasons why they are an essential part of our family life. 

Why are audiobooks wonderful? They allow my kids to………

Read books above their level

Hear and understand vocabulary words

Use new words correctly in context

Hear models of good reading and syntax

Learn to be a good listener

Be introduced o different accents or dialects

Delight in hearing a story told well

Hear fluent reading modeled correctly

Listen while their hands are busy

Conveniently listen to a book at any time

Hear a book multiple times

Learn to love reading through listening to high interest and challenging books

Be encouraged in learning to read

Hear a text come alive

Be dramatic silly and fun with new stories

Listen individually to a book or listen together as a family

Need some ideas for audiobooks? 
I’ve made two lists of some of our current favorite audiobooks:

And watch for a new audiobook list later this week!

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