{Homeschool LOVE} Why I Love February

February is almost a hated month among teachers and homeschool moms. It’s dreary and cold and the kids are usually very afflicted with spring fever. Who has motivation to keep moving forward in February? No one! February frequently sees me wanting to quit on our homeschool venture.

Well, no longer! Now I can say that I love homeschooling in February. Why?

I have a few tricks that I helped me make it through this short but trying month.

It may not be spring yet, but I choose to focus on the new.


  • I start something new for me – a new craft project or a new book or a new Bible study. I try to find something new for myself in February.
  • I start something new for the kids – a new logic book or some new games or new science readers or a new educational video series. In February we try to break up our routine with one or two things that are different.
  • I plan new field trips – for the current school year or for the new school year. I make lists of new places that I’d like to visit with the kids.
  • I look to the new year – February is the month that I allow myself to begin planning for the next year. No, my current school year is not complete; however, focusing on goals, topics, and curriculum for the new year helps me keep moving forward.
School feels mundane and boring in February. Therefore, I find it exciting to start planning ahead for the next year.

Why is it beneficial to start planning in February?

Planning in February gives you time to thoroughly think through your plans and goals for the upcoming year. You won’t feel rushed over the summer trying to determine curricula choices. Also, you have ample time to start drafting some goals for the new year.
Of course, all of your plans will be revised multiple times. Yet, can give yourself a solid starting point.

Planning in February gives me time:

Time to research curricula options
I really enjoy having time to exhaustively research my curricula options. This gives me more confidence when I click the purchase button because I feel I’m being a good steward of our finances and making wise choices.

Time to make lists for upcoming homeschool conventions
Homeschool conventions usually happen in spring and summer. If I’m researching curricula in February and narrowing down options, I have time to determine what I want to review at conventions. I can also think about what types of topics I’m interested in learning more about during the speaker sessions.

Time to compare prices
Homeschooling can be done at any price point and I try to be a good steward with our resources. I enjoy having extra time to compare prices before making a purchasing decision.

Time to find other moms who use that curricula and gather opinions
One of the best ways to determine if a curriculum will work well at my house is to talk with other moms who use it in their own homeschool. When I start planning early, I have time to find other moms who use products that I’m considering for our homeschool. I might be able to find a local mom to talk with or I may need to go online to read blogs or even email other moms with my specific questions.

Time to make lists of goals and carefully revise them
When I plan in the summer I feel rushed to make goals for the new year. I find that I make better, more specific, goals when I start writing them down in the midst of a homeschool year. February seems to bring out all the flaws in our homeschool and it helps me objectively make goals for a new year. Then I have lots of time to refine those goals as the new year approaches.

Time to research additional book choices to enhance our studies
I love adding in extra reading books to many of our studies. Our house is full of books and reading is a favorite pastime. I enjoy having time to thoughtfully choose books for each year – books that will interest my kids, challenge them, stretch them, capture their imaginations, and inspire them. When I research early, I have time to carefully choose books and even pre-read as needed.

You don’t have to hate February. You can view this short month as a time to make changes, experience something new, and plan for the future. February can become a favorite month in your homeschool.

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