{Homeschool LOVE} Why Grandparents Love Homeschooling

In focusing on the positive blessings of homeschool for the month of February, I realize that we are very fortunate to have family members who support our homeschool. Specifically, the grandparents (and even the great grandparents) are happy with our decision to homeschool. This is not to say they haven’t questioned my sanity once or twice, but I’m thankful to have them bless our homeschool endeavors.

I know this isn’t the case for every family so I’m very grateful that we are surrounded with support.

To give myself a little encouragement this month, I thought I’d ask the grandparents to list the positive aspects of homeschool for their grandchildren. This is what they told me they loved about homeschooling…

Positive social interactions – They feel that our kids have many opportunities to interact with kids of various ages as well as have extra time to participate in multiple extra curricular activities and events.

Safe environment – They worry about the world that my kids will experience as they grow up and are thankful that the kids have a safe environment in which to learn and explore.

Polite kids – I was told that my kids have some good, old-fashioned manners when they interact with others. The grandparents were pleased that the kids were able to be surrounded by examples of proper manners and be held accountable by us for acting in a polite way.

Hands-on learning opportunities – They believe that the kids learn well because they are able to learn in a hands-on way with manipulatives and outside opportunities. They know that our kids don’t spend their days at desks but are encouraged to explore and experiment as they learn.

Individual learning – They were also pleased that our kids could learn at a pace that is individualized. Kids don’t learn at the same rates and they understand I attempt to cater to each child’s strengths while working to remediate any weaker subjects.

Multiple field trips – The grandparents particularly enjoy hearing about our field-trip exploits as my kids recount their adventures. They know that we try to give our kids the experience of learning in various environments.

Extra play time – They were also thankful that our kids could simply enjoy childhood and have extra playtime without the stress of long school days and hours of homework.

Biblically-based teaching – Our grandparents are thankful that we can educate our kids with a Biblical worldview and encourage our children in their own faith and Bible study.

Lots of reading time – It’s no secret that our family loves to read and the grandparents cited our snuggly read-aloud time as another reason they were thankful that we homeschooled. They were glad that our kids could enjoy the experience of letting their imagination soar through good literature.

Accountability and consistency – They also were glad that my kids had a routine and were held accountable for keeping up with schoolwork. They understand that homeschool is a priority for our family and feel our kids are getting a good learning foundation through our school time.

Smart – It’s just so nice to hear that they think our kids are progressing well and are smart in many ways. Not that I made our kids smart, but that they can see the fruit of our homeschool endeavor and see that this homeschool thing just works.

They even shared some funny stories with me:

I was reminded of the time when our kids were playing a game with grandparents and one child used the word “gnu” to earn a few extra points. The grandparents were surprised that not only did my child know this unusually-spelled word but also knew the meaning.

Also, one grandparent fondly remembers a conversation with one of my preschoolers who told her, “I’m not yet old enough to drive, but when I’m an adolescent I will drive a car.” She was in awe of the advanced vocabulary that my kids had learned through our studies and reading time.

One grandparent told me in closing that she had not been thrilled with the idea of me homeschooling the kids. She acknowledged that she had some pre-conceived notions about homeschoolers and most of them weren’t very positive. However, she told me that now she’s so glad we homeschool and that she feels our kids are better because of our decision to homeschool.

I was told that even though homeschooling is hard work, they are proud of our efforts.

Overall, I’m so thankful that our family supports our homeschooling even if they occasionally think we are a little bit crazy!

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