{Homeschool LOVE} Reasons Why I Love Homeschooling

It’s February yet again. It’s the month that is infamous for burnout and cabin fever. It’s cold, dark, and dreary outdoors on many days.

Actually, this is my first true February winter. In south Texas we had a few cold days and sometimes it was cloudy, but overall we didn’t experience the winter. Now that we live further north, I’m learning that winter can be very challenging once you hit February. The cold will not end, the days are dark, and my kids are climbing the walls with all kinds of crazy.

It’s just not a good homeschool month.

So to help me avoid the melancholy thoughts I’m choosing to focus on the aspects of homeschooling that I enjoy. There is good in this cabin-fever cooped up household if I just look hard enough.


  • Homeschooling in our pj’s 
  • Snuggling and reading together
  • Not having to rush out the door worrying about an early morning drop-off 
  • Spending un-rushed and unhurried time with my kids
  • Seeing my kids’ individual personalities blossom
  • Choosing our own curricula and course of study
  • Being in control of our learning environment and learning objectives
  • Taking extra field trips
  • Eating home cooked meals in our “cafeteria”
  • Building a great relationship with our “principal” who is happy to support our endeavors
  • Enjoying an abundance of family time
  • Being able to learn alongside my kids
  • Watching my kids learn a new concept
  • Seeing the wonder of learning through my kids’ eyes
  • Filling our days with good books
  • Sharing my passions with my kids
  • Going to the park or indoor play place during the uncrowded daytime hours
  • Choosing our own schedule
  • Buying more books and building a home library
  • Enjoying home days to help us rest and refocus
  • Allowing my kids to have extra play time during the day
  • Experiencing the victory of success as my kids master a new challenge or concept
  • Exploring my kids’ unique interests and hobbies
  • Having Biblical discussions and helping them form opinions about the world
  • Being the person to shape my kids’ character and values

The homeschool lifestyle seems to fit my excessive-planning, book-buying, control-freak, homebody type of personality. Wouldn’t you agree?

Homeschooling has been a gift to our family. 

I love that homeschooling stretches me and challenges me in ways that I never expected. It’s humbling and eye-opening but very worth the long days and arduous journey.

My house is messy; meals are often overly simple or late to the table; I sometimes miss adult interactions; however, my role as a teacher, mentor, disciple-maker, and student fits me well. There is much good to be found in this homeschool lifestyle.

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4 thoughts on “{Homeschool LOVE} Reasons Why I Love Homeschooling

  1. I love homeschooling for all these reasons and more! I am really loving this pro-homeschool post! Thanks so much for sharing and reminding us all why homeschooling is terrific!

    This comes at the perfect time as many homeschoolers are thinking about quitting.

    Much love!

  2. I don't homeschool and after 2.5 months of summer vacation, school's starting in a week! I had such as great time with him, i'll miss it! & whether he goes to school or not, i'll always be his teacher!

    Would love to see your posts in the Practical Mondays Link Up:)

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