Parenting in Real Life – A Story from Our Recent Move

This story actually happened months ago. But it’s only just now that I can laugh about it – well, sort of laugh about it. It was definitely not funny at the time. In fact, as I look back I’m not sure how I survived those 24 hours.

Survive we did, and a few weeks later we moved into our new house in another state. However, moving with small children is just the worst. 

Here’s a little peek into our moving experience.

We were renting our house in Texas and had talked to our landlord about breaking our lease a few months early. She agreed and also agreed to wait and put the house on the market until after we moved out. I think she felt it would sell better without all the “stuff” from a family of 7. This was a huge relief to me!

We started packing and house hunting and preparing for our big move. A few weeks later we got another call from our landlord. She had changed her mind and was going to put the house on the market 30 days before we moved out. This meant that she was sending her realtor over the next week to take pictures and then the house would be on the market. After that week, we could have showings at any time.

Y’all, I just sat down and cried. It was too much at that moment.

So we spent the next week frantically packing and cleaning. We cleaned and boxed and vacuumed and attempted to somewhat stage the house. By the end of the week the house was looking pretty good for housing a family of 7.

We put the kids to bed that weekend with plans for my hubby to take them out of the house for the hours that the realtor and photographer would be in the house.

In the middle of the night we heard a strange noise followed by the stomping of a child coming down the stairs. It was Tiger and he was horribly sick. He told us that he had thrown up in his room.

I quickly got to work putting him in the shower and getting him cleaned up while my hubby went upstairs to assess the situation. I came running up the stairs minutes later and found him standing in the middle of the room with a look of absolute horror on his face. And at this point I should say that my husband has super hero powers and is the diarrhea and vomit cleaner-upper at our house. He is not usually phased by the awful-ness, unlike me.

Well, this time he was not ok. 

As soon as I entered the room I ran back out screaming, “Open all the windows!”

Tiger was very sick. He had projectile vomited all over the 4 moving boxes that we had packed in his room that day, down his bunk bed stairs, on his carpet, the bookshelf, the lower bunk bed, and over two different walls of his room.

His room was absolutely covered.

I cried again while my hubby grabbed a steam cleaner, rolls of paper towels, and every cleaning spray in the house.

We spent the rest of the night unpacking all the moving boxes, repacking them, and throwing the old boxes away. Then I scrubbed the stairs and frame of his bunk bed while my hubby started the laundry. Together we scrubbed and steamed the carpet.

The next morning I got out the touch-up paint and repainted a large portion of two walls in Tiger’s room while remaking his beds. My hubby had to steam clean the carpets a second time.

We left all the windows open for the rest of the day and cranked up the essential oils diffuser to attempt to get the smell out of the house before the realtor arrived.

Our work was rewarded and the realtor and our landlord were pleased with the pictures.

But that was definitely one of the longest and worst nights of my life. 

Moving with children is terrible for so many reasons. Here we are today in our new house and the move was worth it. But I hope that there are not any more moves in our near future.

Some days parenthood feels like a wonderful blessing and other days it’s just a vomit-filled nightmare. 

Consider yourself warned!

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