{Review} Science4Us

We had the opportunity to review the online science program at Science4Us. Read what we thought and how we used this resource!

Science4Us is an online science learning program for grades K-2. The program has over 350 interactive and animated lessons in 4 categories of topics:

  • Physical
  • Inquiry
  • Life
  • Earth/Space

These topics are divided into 28 sections with each section designed to take 2 weeks to complete.

The program also offers assignments, worksheets, and hands on activities. There are also online interactive experiments that the student can direct. In addition, the program includes teacher resources such as lesson plans that include directions for activities and additional resources.

What did we think?

There are so many tracking and monitoring options with this program. I can customize the program for each child – assigning specific lessons and checking progress. However, I found that it was easiest for me to simply watch the program with my kids and participate with them. When they did their lessons, I sat nearby to listen in to what they were learning so we could discuss together.

I didn’t assign lessons but let my children choose topics based on their interest. In this way, I let them direct the program and I found that this worked very well.

Science 4 Us is considered a full science program; however, we chose to use it as a supplement. I let my children choose topics and we often did lessons out of order. Yet, they still learned many new facts and had great retention. This program was a fun extra that my kids looked forward to using daily.

Science 4 Us is a flexible program that can be used with detailed tracking and assignment features or simply as a family learning time together. We often watched our science lessons around the lunch table. I think the flexibility and ease of use were my favorite features of the program. My kids would say they enjoyed the animated lessons and fun graphics (and even silly songs) that held their attention. Overall, this was a fun supplemental addition to our homeschool.

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