Broken Leg, Orthopedics, and Physical Therapy

I haven’t blogged many personal details about our family lately. We’ve been busy with moving and now getting ready for the new baby. Things have been crazy!! And I’ve mainly chatted with you about curriculum or other homeschool topics.

But today I’m blogging about Curly – my oldest girl who is now 10.

Back in the spring before our move, Curly fell while riding her bike. We didn’t realize that the fall had broken her leg. After watching her lie on the couch in pain I took her to the ER, hoping that they would find nothing. Instead they found a spiral fracture of her left tibia. They splinted her leg and gave me instructions to take her to see an orthopedic doctor the next day.

Oh I had no idea that this would be just the beginning. We’re still on the road to recovery months later.

Curly was put in a long leg cast and given crutches even though I demanded a wheel chair.
The next day she fell while using her crutches. This caused swelling in her leg and she had to be rushed back to the doctor for her cast to be cracked.

I did get my wheelchair after this ordeal though.

Two weeks later Curly was put in a short leg cast. We were so thankful to be out of that giant cast!

Four weeks later the cast was removed. The doctor told me she would be walking and running around in just a few weeks.

So very, very wrong!

We began physical therapy and saw a total of 3 different therapists over the next two months.

There was very little improvement.

Curly walked with a terrible limp and was unable to run.

We met with a different orthopedic doctor (our 3rd one by now). He confirmed that her leg was fully healed and he recommended rest and stretches instead of therapy.

Curly did her stretches at home with still no improvement.

We made an appointment with an orthopedic chiropractor who specialized in various sports injuries.

After evaluating Curly he diagnosed her as having a “twisted pelvis” which was causing her to walk unevenly. He felt that her problems were related to her injury.

We were referred to a physical therapist who specialized in pelvic and lower back injuries.

And that’s where we are today. We faithfully go to our appointments every week where Curly does all kinds of exercises to realign her pelvis and hips.

Picture me with 4 small children in the waiting room – taking up every available chair. Oh it’s not fun at all!

The therapist takes pity on me and brings card games for the kids to play. What a wonderful lady!

However, we are finally seeing improvement. Curly can walk again without a limp. She has even been able to run short distances.

So, while I haven’t blogged about it much, could you please pray for Curly as she continues to recover? It’s been tough watching my girl struggle to walk.

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